The Sims: Bustin’ Out Cheats and Tips for PS2

Cheats for Sims: Bustin’ Out

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So, you want some cheats for the Sims: Bustin’ Out do you? Well, here are some fun ones that you can try out to make your game more interesting!

Controlling Your Roommate: Can’t control your roommate? This is easy to fix: simply build a small room anywhere on your playing area (inside or out) without a door or windows, just a box. This box has to be so small that they cannot move around or anything, just stand there. Then, put your roommate in the small room and close in the box. If you cannot control your roomie, simply build the room, wait for them to walk into it, and close it quick. Once they are in the room, it will only take them a few days to die. But, the Grim Reaper can’t get in the room and the roommate’s ghost cannot get out. So, your roommate is now completely out of the way.

Building Weath & Meeting Building Goals: In several of the different homes in the game, you will have to help meet certain building requirements where Malcom has taken things away. Here is an easy way to do this, yet still keep your money: buy the item(s) that you want, place them in the house, then immediately move out. This will give you a full refund on the items that you have bought, help you meet your goal, and you can move right back in and use those items still.

Finding Your Contaminated Spores: To complete this goal at the Shiny Things Lab, head to Goth Manor for a visit. Outside, there is a fern that you took from Dudley. Take that fern, and when you do, you should get a pop up that says you completed that goal.

Save Money When Doing The Floors: For some reason, if you take the time to lay down the carpet or flooring one area at a time instead of pressing preview and X to cover the whole area, it will cost you half the amount.

Save Money When Doing The Walls: This one is the opposite of doing the floors. You want to hit preview and X to cover all of the walls in the room at once instead of doing each section one at a time. This will save you money by doing it all at once.

Free Maid Service: Now, this only works in free play mode, but you can save your other Sims money by creating one extra person when you are creating your family. Give them a maid or butler type name, like Jeeves, and then have that Sim do all of the work around the house – i.e. cleaning, making the beds, taking out the trash. This will keep all of your Sims happy and keep your place looking tidy!

Getting the Art Show Done ASAP: When you are at the art gallery, instead of taking all the time to make or buy new art, simply take all of the current artwork and sculptures into the entrance hall and place them there. Then, have your Sim make dinner, and invite your people over. Now, your art show is completed and you didn’t spend a thing!

Easy Money In The Lab: First thing, buy an incubator and start making a ton of mutants. When they grow up, they’re worth $500. But, they do eat your Sim, so you have to keep them watered and fed (with your trash) until they get big – then, get rid of them quick.

Tips for Sims: Bustin’ Out

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Cheats are one thing, but there are always some great tips that you can use to help make your game time easier, and here are some that every Sim gamer should know.

Having Children: there are a couple of tips here that you want to remember. The first one is that if your Sim has a baby before they have their own home, the game will not allow you to move anywhere else until the baby is grown. The second thing is that if your Sim does have a baby, you have to watch it 24/7 or it will get taken away from you by the police.

Burglars: When you buy something that costs a lot, you will find the cat burglar sneaking around to steal it. So, if you don’t have an alarm, they’ll get it. So, before you start buying expensive things, buy an alarm for your current home. This way, you can buy the things you want, and the police will catch the burglar when they try to steal it. (This will also earn you money for catching the thieves!)

Want to Make Your Sim’s Lover Jealous: This one is funny, you can easily make your Sim’s lover jealous by flirting, kissing, or hugging someone else while they are in the room. But, be careful! Your Sim might take the brunt of it all – and yes, they do like to slap.

Pay Your Bills Outside: Normally, you have to get your mail, take it in to the table, and then pay your bills. But, you can actually pay them in the front yard! Simply get your mail, then drop it in the yard, pick it back up – and you’re given the option to pay your bills. Done and done!

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