Nintendo Wii Gamers MySims Party Review

The Best Parts of My Sims Party (4 out of 5)

My Sims Party entertains and charms you in very personal ways

My Sims Party for the Wii takes away some of the AI functionality and gameplay options to create a linear experience with gameplay that is focused more towards kids. It has a relaxed attitude that is less challenging, but just as much fun with simple games that involve a small physical challenge.

The 50 mini-games included are a festival of satisfying fun that entertains with a nice variety in types of games that increase in difficulty as you progress.

The Bad Parts of My Sims Party (3 out of 5)

The character avatar selection interface isn't very intuitive to use and kids may find it hard at first to implement successfully. Navigating the text heavy menus was difficult at times and isn't the best way to introduce information to kids who would probably have more fun with a point and click visual style interface.

The developers EA Redwood Shores Studios included local, national, and international rankings on its leader boards but it stopped there and doesn't offer any online game play. This is definitely a missed opportunity to keep the party going online!

The Graphical Picture (3 out of 5)

The cute and stylish graphic visuals of My Sims Party is light-hearted and simple in design and implementation. It will however provide enough visual entertainment to keep the kids busy for a few hours of satisfying entertainment. The blocky, almost Lego-like visual appearance of the characters is appealing to kids and amusing to adults, but it really lacks polish. There were noticeable jagged lines on some of the screens at times, the environments were bland areas featuring grass and a few trees with very little detail and visual appeal. They only included the needed visual elements, so My Sims Party is a bare-bones visual affair with no extras.

Sounds in the Game (3 out of 5)

My Sims Party 2

The light-hearted soundtrack of My Sims Party is an array of kids songs that adds a funny element to the experience rather than a serious entertainment component. The characters still speak a language all their own, but kids will love this homemade brand of communication, and will be like a fish in water as they learn and create new terms of their own.

Playability (4 out of 5)

My Sims Party is a reasonably playable game for kids, which is the target market for this game, but won't entertain the mature mind for long, if at all. The main entertainment included is the array of mini-games that get progressively harder as you progress through the game. Up to 4 can play any of the included mini-games from the start of the game, so you have a feeling of some control over the gameplay, but the games are all simple affairs involving small physical challenges. You'll catch papers blowing around a room, make a pizza, and other simple challenges that provide a minimal level of entertainment. Each challenge is a set of linear festivals each with 3-7 mini-games. You can only unlock one festival at a time, and you need to finish in first place to progress to the next set of mini-games.

The Wii motion controls include a simple shake of the remote or push of a button but a few of the waggle motions required weren't always recognized by the controller and mini-games requiring these motions became almost impossible to beat.

Overall Rating (3 out of 5)

My Sims Party

My Sims Party lacks entertainment when compared to earlier titles in The Sims series but is targeted specifically at the casual gamer and it does this well enough to be recommended for this demographic of gamer. The experienced gamer won't be entertained and will quickly find another diversion to keep them satisfied, but if you're looking for a title to keep the kids occupied for a rainy afternoon, this title will do the job.