Resetting Your Jet Fighters Account

Planning in Jet Fighters

Every move you make in Jet Fighters has a consequence. You should not level up too quickly, otherwise you will be behind the bar when it comes to weapons and cash. If you do not spend your experience points right then you will put your character behind. Perhaps you began spending your early money Weapons Systems instead of investing in Military Bases. All of these things can leave your Jet Fighters account irrevocably desolate with no chance for repair. At this point, you may just want to reset your Jet Fighters account and start over all together. Jet Fighters keeps this as an internal function just in case this is what needs to happen.


When you are at the Jet Fighters Base page go find My Pilot, which will be right below Top Jet Fighters and above My Squad. The My Pilot page will have the list of your character statistics, the list of your performance over the course of your Jet Fighters play time, and what weapons and Military bases you own. At the very bottom of this page is a Reset button and you push that button when you are ready. You will have to validate it once again and once you do it will reset your Jet Fighters account.

Friend Codes

Once the Jet Fighters reset is complete all of your weapons, properties, and progress will be brought down to base zero. You will have a complete lack of anything you have acquired and will be brought back to level 1. The only thing that you will sustain is the size of your squad. Your Friend Code will remain the same and it would have a negative effect on other members of your squad if the reset of your Jet Fighters account affected them. In this way you can sustain this aspect of Jet Fighters even after reset. This is also helpful if you have been spreading around your Jet Fighters Friend Code online and through social networking. This will keep all of the Friend Codes that you placed around active and they will continue to serve the purpose you intended in the beginning.

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