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Jet Fighters Tips: Air Strike

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for fighting other players in Jet Fighters for iPhone.

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    Air Strike

    The process for fighting other players in Jet Fighters is similar to that of iMob Online, iVampires Online, iKnights Online, and Girl Wars Online. This may be the final challenge of Jet Fighters that will maintain your interest later on. After you go past the early Assignments, acquire most of the items, and have a whole host of Military Bases the real challenge comes in fighting other high end Jet Fighters players. Here are some tips for how to fight in Jet Fighters to increase your level of success.

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    Jet Fighters Fight

    When you are at the main Base screen in your Jet Fighters account go to Air Strike, which is near the top under Assignments and above Weapons Systems. You will now be given a list of different Jet Fighters players you can attack, complete with their name, character type, level, and number of other Jet Fighters players in their Squad. Next to it is a button labeled Attack and one labeled View. You can either attack them, hopefully winning the challenge, or just view their profile. The battle is one of pure numbers, which calculates the level, the direction the experience points have been placed, the number and types of Weapon Systems your Jet Fighters character has, and how many people you have in your Squad. Once they are either low enough to be considered Hospitalized or dead you will not be able to attack them any more. Often times a winning attack will give you some money.

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    Jet Fighters Tips

    When you are trying to win fights in Jet Fighters you have to plan this out far ahead of time. The first Jet Fighters tip to follow is to think about fights at all moments. Even before you begin trying to fight people, you need to focus your experience points during leveling more toward attack. This will put you far above other Jet Fighters players who spread out their experience points. Make sure that your number of weapons, armor and fighters are equivalent to your Squad size. Take the number of your current level and multiply this by ten. This number is then how many members of your Squad that can engage in a fight. Provide one of each of these items for each Squad member that is relevant according to this calculation. Make sure that you are on the maximum side of this at all times. This means that make sure that you do not level up until you exceed the maximum number of Squad members that will be allowed in a given fight. For example, if you are at level ten make sure you to not level up until you have well more than one hundred Squad members. Also make sure that you have at least a hundred of each type of relevant item. If you have more items than this make sure that only the best are available by selling all lower level items. The reason is that your Jet Fighters account may pick some of the lower level items in a given fight. The best Jet Fighter tip is to keep only a maximum number of the best weapons, armor and fighters at all times.