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Jet Fighters Tips: Fort Knox

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for how to use Fort Knox in Jet Fighters, along with information about whether or not you should.

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    Jet Fighters Fort Knox

    Jet Fighters can be strenuous because your finances are under fire even when you are not playing. Anytime someone attacks you their win can result in a certain amount of your money entering their hands. This means that at any point and time a superior Jet Fighters player can attack you tax your cash stockpile. One protective feature that is in place here is called Fort Knox, which is a banking location that you can store your money in.

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    Storing Money

    When you are at the main Base location in Jet Fighters look for Fort Knox, which is directly below Military Bases and above Repairs. When you open up Fort Knox you will even see a statement at the top of the screen indicating that your money is safe here. Below this is a text box where you can enter a dollar amount that you wish to deposit into Fort Knox. A fifteen percent fee that is taken from all money that is deposited here. All the money here is now safe when other Jet Fighters players attack you.

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    The Jet Fighters Fort Knox situation creates a double-edged sword scenario. The cost of this service is often not worth it, especially when you have limited sources of income. If you find that in your early days you cannot seem to hold onto your money then Fort Knox will be a temporary solution. From here, you need to focus your Jet Fighters account more toward defense when leveling up. On top of this, you must then make a major focus toward adding people to your Squad and purchasing defensive items, such as Bullet Proof Armor. The Repairs section, where you heal your plane after attack, only takes money from Fort Knox. For this reason alone it is good to keep a small stash of money here, but there is really no reason to keep the majority of your financial surplus. In upper levels of Jet Fighters Fort Knox is almost completely useless as you rarely have to repair your plane and you should have made the correct leveling decisions as to rarely lose fights. If you continue to lose large amounts of money in fights you likely have made an irreversible error and may want to consider resetting your Jet Fighters account and start over.