Social Game Reviews: Facebook Trade Winds Game

Social Game Reviews: Facebook Trade Winds Game
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Trade Winds Basics

In Trade Winds, you pilot a ship on the sea and visit various ports of call. The goal of the game is to pick up goods and trade them back and forth with different ports and along your route, you’ll encounter pirates to battle. Once you encounter pirates you’ll go into the battle mode and you can select attack or repair on your ship until someone is destroyed. You will need repair kits to perform repairs to your ship. Take quests as you play for game rewards or for experience. Visit your homeport to decorate it or to buy a new ship to sail. Trade Winds combines an economic game with some action.

Sailing to Ports (3 out of 5)

Trade Winds

Sailing in the game is a simple process so just follow the lines and move from port to port. Sometimes your path will be blocked and you can enter the battle mode and fight the pirates there. Be sure to buy some repair kits once you have enough gold so you can repair your ship during combat. Once you reach an island, you can see what it has to buy and what it wants to sell. Some islands won’t buy or sell anything so you can skip these unless they are a part of a quest you need to finish. If you reach an island with a shovel above it click on it to explore the island and get some gold back in return. Check the marketplace at each port and decide if you want to buy anything there. Some islands will have better deals and you can make more money selling the goods. You need turn points to keep sailing so wait for your reserves to replenish if you are running low on them.

Home Port (3 out of 5)

At your homeport, you can decorate your island area with different items. The selection isn’t that great but there are some fun things to add. Click the build icon to enter the building mode. You can add various cannons, paths, gates, fences, walls, and a few other items. You can add a home, a dock, or a warehouse. The selection isn’t that great and the homeport area is a bit of a let down. This area needs improvement with more items to make it worthwhile. As you level you can buy a new ship at your home port but there’s no customization to it so that is another low point of the game.

Game Play (2 out of 5)

Trade Winds

Trade Winds is an average game at best but it does have some nice quests to get you familiar with the game. You will meet various characters who will get you performing tasks and making trades with the various islands in the game. View your tasks in the lower left hand screen and see which ones you need to complete. The map features a question mark on areas where you have quests to finish and this is helpful. The turn points make the game a bit frustrating since you can only buy new ones with game cash or wait for your reserves to replenish. As you level up you don’t receive any free game cash like other Facebook games and this too is disappointing. Even though you can trade, it’s not very engaging or fun and the content of the game is too limited. You can buy more maps to explore but even these aren’t enough to save the same boring game play. You move from island to island, trade goods, and on occasion battle some pirates in a combat mode that isn’t very interesting.

Graphics/Sound/Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

Trade Winds

The game has a nice “adventure” sounding soundtrack and the graphics for the most part are decent enough. The islands all look good and your little ship looks fine. For a Facebook game the graphics and sound are average. If you have Facebook friends you can visit their homeports and click on a treasure chest for some gold or send them gifts but that is about it.

Overall Impressions/Conclusion (2 out of 5)

Trade Winds lacks the content to make it as a decent Facebook game. If the developers add more maps and more things to do the game could be worth playing. In its current state Trade Winds just isn’t that much fun despite some quests, and a few different maps to explore. Due to the lack of content Trade Winds isn’t on the list of recommended Facebook games to play.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Trade Winds on Facebook.