PC Gamers BattleForge Review

PC Gamers BattleForge Review
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The Fun Parts (3 out of 5)

BattleForge has an intriguing conceptual framework where players execute real-time strategy-scenarios and buy additional packs of BattleForge game cards using the handy online store to enhance their original forces. The idea of using cards certainly isn’t new by any means, BattleForge’s card-deployment game play leads to a tug-of-war game of chess between raw power and strategy that provides the player with lots of choices, occasional irritations, but boat lots of entertainment and satisfaction as well.

BattleForge has a solid online presence allowing for up to 8 players to take part in strategy missions. The challenge of human opponents makes this online experience good. The browser allowed me to find teammates and victims for my chosen mission quickly and efficiently. Find out more in this Battleforge review.

The Lame Parts (3 out of 5)


BattleForge isn’t an easy game to master and requires significant dedication and time to play. It isn’t for casual gamers. BattleForge has a gigantic array of creatures and spells that confound and entertain as you play, many with abilities that will ultimately determine the battles. Combine this with the fast game pace of BattleForge and the challenge of staying current on their strengths and weaknesses on multiple war fronts during many of the missions and the difficulty of playing effectively becomes extreme.

The Game Graphics (4 out of 5)

BattleForge has a bright, attractive graphical presentation. The spells and creatures have above average detail and the buildings and units have nice textures that make it easy to tell them apart on the maps.

The animations in BattleForge are smooth and bug-free, with creatures that have individual movements, spells with colorful and engaging effects, and movements that are realistic looking.

Sounds in the Game (3 out of 5)

Epic battlefield encounters

The bland and uninspiring sound track included with BattleForge is hard to understand; the sound quality was average the majority of the time and would occasionally border on poor.

The sound effects used in BattleForge are sharp, clear and distinctive enough to tell apart during gameplay. The spells all had unique sounds but battle sounds were generally generic and sounded the same.

Playability (4 out of 5)

More battling

BattleForge is an extremely playable game, even if you don’t purchase any additional card packs at the online store you have at your disposal a tremendous arsenal with the included card deck. Balancing your deck with all the necessary elements for success – healing, defense, offense, etc – will require dedication and focus to achieve.

BattleForge uses a pretty basic economic system requiring you to control nodes to add power to your resources. The power of your dead units is also returned to your power resources over time.

You need to grab Strategic Orbs when you encounter them as you play BattleForge, they allow you to access higher levels of spell use in your deck. The missions seem to provide each player with a similar amount of these items which, if true, is significant because this means victory is determined by the units you summon.

On the surface the missions included with BattleForge have a nice variety in gameplay that entertains and satisfies, but after a while you’ll realize most are just variations on the same basic concepts.

The Last Word (3 out of 5)

BattleForge combines elements of the classic Warcraft series, the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic into a virtual tapestry that’s fun and engaging if you spend enough time playing. The online experience is the best part of BattleForge, a virtual chess match between ultimate power and eloquent strategy that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. If you like traditional RTS games BattleForge will satisfy your needs but it will send the casual gamer and novice gamer away screaming for mercy.


BattleForge is a PC exclusive title

BattleForge is an amazing on line experience

Battleforge has amazing visual and audible quality