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Escape the Museum 2 – Basic Game Tips and Hints

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Hidden object games can be challenging. Escape the Museum 2 is no exception. Are you looking for help with this game? Learn details about how the game is played and find out some tips that will increase your chances of winning and scoring higher points.

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    About Escape the Museum 2

    Escape the Museum 2 The story begins when a mother and daughter decide to go to the museum. Unfortunately, an earthquake hits and traps them inside. You play David, the concerned father who decides to go and rescue them. It is a journey through a city filled with obstacles and dangers. The game is a combination of detective work and hidden object finding.

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    Game Play

    Escape the Museum 2 screenshot In Escape from the Museum 2 you spend a lot of time helping people and getting through obstacles. Each scene includes a combination of hidden object sections and tasks to complete. As you highlight the scene with your mouse, areas that require your attention will display an icon. Once clicked, information is displayed or another mini scene becomes available.

    In the hidden object scenes, a list of items displays that you will need to retrieve. Key items that you will use for other tasks will also be included. To help you out, a hint option is available. When clicked on, an old man will throw a small bottle in the direction of one of the hidden objects. When you find all the objects in the list or want to exit the screen, an X button can be clicked to close it out.

    For your main tasks, you will use items found in the hidden object sections to complete them. For instance, you may need to use a hydrant to put out a fire. So you would have to find a hose and a wrench to attach it to the hydrant for use. If you are not sure what to do, extra hints are available from the old man at the top of the screen.

    Completion of each scene brings you closer to the museum. A summary screen will display to let you know your time and total points. As you progress, finding hidden objects and other task becomes more difficult. You will win the game once your family is rescued from the museum.

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    Basic Game Tips

    • It is sometimes difficult to determine where the hidden object scenes or tasks are located. Use your mouse and slowly highlight the scene until a question mark icon appears. Once you click on it an icon will display.
    • In hidden object finding scenes in Escape the Museum 2, you should first look at brightly colored items that stand out. Once those are eliminated, the rest are most likely blending in well with the background. The hint option comes in handy for these situations. You can use the hints multiple times if needed since it refreshes fairly often.
    • Clicking on items too many times in hidden object scenes will cause David’s heart rate to increase. This will cause you to lose some control over your mouse actions. If this happens to you, wait a few seconds for David’s heart rate to go back to normal before continuing.
    • Side quests become available as you progress through the game. These are optional tasks to complete. In each scene, focus on the main tasks first. Once completed, look around to see if there is anything around that will help you complete your side quest.
    • Use the map to travel to different locations. Sections that are completed will be indicated in yellow. Other areas that need attention will be noted with exclamation marks.