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Supremacy 1914 Playing as Italy

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

There are several strategies you can use to how to play Italy in Supremacy 1914. Each country has it’s own unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you as a player to use your best judgment and make the right decisions. This guide will get you on the right track to dominating as Italy.

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    Best Supremacy 1914 Strategy

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    Italy Early Game Moves - How to Play Italy in Supremacy

    Supremacy 1914 Italy When you first start the game the countries are random so if you arrive in Italy you have a very good position on the game map. Italy is surrounded for the most part by water except for the top part of the “boot." As an Italy player you can learn how to play Italy in Supremacy 1914 by concentrating your troops at the top part of the boot. You won’t get attacked by the water in the early game it simply takes too much time for troops to arrive on your shores and leaves the attacker very vulnerable to other teams. The first thing you should do like all games to put cheap recruitment centers in all your provinces so you have a steady flow of infantry for your upcoming battles. At the top of the boot you are surrounded by Germany, France and Austria-Hungary so you need to fortify your provinces surrounding those three countries with fortresses. You will eat through your initial supplies of wood and iron ore but it’s essential to deter attacks early on with fortresses in these key locations. Don’t use fortresses in the rest of your country they simply aren’t needed there at this time.

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    Building Barracks

    Supremacy 1914 Italy Don’t make the mistake of building too many barracks since your troops eat through lots of food, your production of food will suffer greatly in the early game if you do this. You can build barracks in Rome and Bologna since these area have double production which will speed up your troop development. Italy is a bit short of iron ore and wood so any more barracks is just a waste, at least at this time. Your food supply is decent so you might want to trade for extra wood and iron by using wither the stock market or diplomacy.

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    Being a Diplomat

    Supremacy 1914 isn’t a game where you can walk over everyone and just win you need to use diplomacy to your advantage. Since you have Germany, France and Austria-Hungary on your borders, try to make contact with at least two of those countries and form diplomatic relations with them. Your best bet is to go for either Austria-Hungary or Germany in the early game and capture the provinces close to you with abundant wood and iron reserves. If you can accomplish this you will be well on your way to a great start in this game. Be sure to keep fortifying your borders and keep in contact with your neighbors assuring them you don’t intend to attack them.

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    Building Harbors

    Rome, Naples, and Bologna are great places for harbors since they have double production on resources which will increase your output where you need it. Place a harbor in Palermo when you can afford it which will protect your valuable oil reserves there. Other harbors can be built as needed to ramp up your production of battleships and domination of the seas.

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    Railroads and Factories

    It is up to you where you want railroads and factories in your game. Naples is a great stating place for a railroad since it will increase your food production ad you can never have enough food, plus you can trade your excess for what you need, mainly more iron and wood. Building a factory in your harbor cities to get battleships and if your playing the gold game you can have aircraft and submarines too.

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    Take your time as you learn how to play as Italy is Supremacy 1914 and you will succeed. Watch your resource production, make allies, and use the stock market wisely. Pick and choose your enemies carefully in this game.