Treasure Isle: Mysterious Egg to Phoenix - a Strategy Guide to the Bottom of the Volcano

Treasure Isle: Mysterious Egg to Phoenix - a Strategy Guide to the Bottom of the Volcano
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What is the Mysterious Egg in Treasure Isle?

At some point as you’re puttering around on your home island in Zynga’s Treasure Isle, a mysterious egg drops from the sky. It floats, emits little flames, and tells you to explore a volcano for clues. So where is this volcano? Go to Tiki Isles on your treasure map and click on Fire God Mountain. You’ll need to be at least level 4 to get in, and you’ll also need a machete, a pickaxe, and five golden tickets. Zynga starts you off with six tickets so you can get in and complete the island once - after that, if you want to go again later, you’ll have to get more.

But before you go, do you know how to find treasure in as few digs as possible?

Digging for Treasure

Most maps in Treasure Isle have several treasure chests on them. As you dig, you get three kinds of clues for where they are:

  • Treasure Really Close! - This appears in red and means the treasure is one square away.
  • Treasure Nearby! - This appears in orange and means the treasure is two squares away.
  • 1 XP - There is no treasure within two squares.

Treasure Isle Treasure!

Each also comes with a different chime, which is helpful if you’re not looking when the clue pops up.

Since there is more than one treasure chest on the island, there might be more than one triggering the same clue - the clue isn’t used up just because you’ve already found one treasure. By the same token, clues pointing to different chests can run into each other and get very confusing. Luckily, you have to dig up the whole island anyway to complete it, so most of the time none of this matters.

Fire God Mountain is not like the other islands. Instead of one map with several treasure chests, it has fourteen maps with one treasure each. It also counts the number of times you dig and compares your count to all of your friends. At the end you get a trophy that proclaims how many total digs it took you to get to the bottom of the volcano. Suddenly, you need a strategy!

Strategy Tip: Where To Start

Treasure Isle: Volcano Floor 5 Example

The key to finding a single treasure chest on a vast map in as few digs as possible is to eliminate as many squares as possible with each dig. Start by digging up a square that is two away from as many edge squares as possible. If all it says is “1 XP” - your most likely result - you’ve eliminated everything in the entire 5x5 block surrounding it. Move over by five squares - so that your next dig spot is two away from all the ones you’ve eliminated - and dig again.

(In practice you won’t see many perfect 5x5 blocks to work with. Just aim for the maximum you can eliminate at once.)

Treasure Isle Strategy Tip 2: Treasure Really Close!

Suppose your first square says “Treasure Really Close!” (square marked 1 in the pictures below). Now you know it must be in one of the eight surrounding squares. Try one of the non-corner ones for your next dig (marked 2). If it says “Treasure Really Close!” again, it’s one of the four squares marked with red dots in the first picture. Pick any of them for your next dig to keep narrowing it down (second picture).

Otherwise, it will say “Treasure Nearby!” and be one of the three orange dots in the first picture. Pick a corner for your third dig, as in the third picture. If that one isn’t the treasure, you’ll know exactly where it has to be next.

Treasure Isle: Dig A

Treasure Isle: Dig A 1

Treasure Isle: Dig A 2

Strategy Tip 3: Treasure Nearby!

Suppose you dig up the square (marked 1 below) and it says “Treasure Nearby!” Now you know it must be one of sixteen squares that are two away from your first dig. Try one of the squares directly horizontal or vertical from the first square, such as the one marked 2 in the pictures below, to get the maximum amount of information from your second dig. You’ll get either “Treasure Really Close!” - meaning the chest is one of the two red dots, or “Treasure Nearby!” again - one of the six orange dots, or “1 XP” - one of seven white dots.

In the latter two cases, your next move is a corner - one of the two nearer ones for “Treasure Nearby!” (second picture), or a farther one for “1 XP” (third picture). If you get “1 XP” again, switch to the other corner. Otherwise, just keep narrowing it down from there.

Treasure Isle: Dig B

Treasure Isle: Dig B 2

Treasure Isle: Dig B 3

Hatching your Mysterious Egg in Treasure Isle

Fire God Mountain has fourteen floors, each with one treasure chest. As you work your way down, the maps get bigger and more complex - but with the above strategy tips, you can eliminate huge swaths of possible squares with each well-placed dig. Luck is involved too. Sometimes you’ll find the treasure chest on your very first dig! Other times, it’ll keep giving you gold or fruit instead of clues.

Treasure Isle: Mysterious Egg Hatches to Phoenix

One other tip: you can still visit other maps while working your way down the volcano - it doesn’t have to be all one play session. Treasure Isle lets you back in until you get to the very bottom, dig up the last chest, and get all sorts of other fun treasures along with your trophy.

And when you get back to your home island after it’s all over, your Treasure Isle mysterious egg has hatched! Now you have a phoenix. Each day it heats up a fire shovel for you, which you can use to dig up three squares at once for the energy of one - great for finishing off maps after you’ve found all the treasure chests.