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Market Street Tips, Hints, & Cheats

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Enter the magnificent world of retail in Playdom's Market Street where players design and manage their own virtual store. Discover some of the top tips, hints, and cheats for selling the best products, satisfying customers' needs, earning massive amounts of coins, and leveling up fast.

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    Enter the Retail Industry in Market Street

    Market Street Market Street is another hit game from Playdom that let’s players step into the wonderful world of retail. Players create and manage their own virtual store. Select various products to sell from glitter shoes to hardware. Hire friends as staff to work the registers. Answer indecisive customers’ questions to keep sales up. Decorating, stopping shoplifters from stealing precious merchandise, and helping out at friends’ stores are also part of the gameplay. Starting your own retail shop from scratch can be complicated. Learn some helpful tips and tricks to make your business successful in the virtual retailer’s paradise known as Market Street. Discover the secrets to leveling up faster and expanding your virtual store with these great cheats.

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    Presentation Isn’t Everything – Choosing Displays

    shopping games In the game Market Street stocking displays, cleaning displays, and purchasing items to decorate the store earns XP. The more displays a player is able to clean and re-stock the faster they can level up. There are several different types of displays ranging from hanger racks to large colored tables. Each display will list its storage capacity when a player moves their mouse over the item. The boxes indicate whether the rack can hold one or two orders worth of product. A display can only be stocked with one type of product at a time. Cosmetically bigger displays seem like the best choice. Unfortunately these double storage racks and tables require twice the amount of product but yield the same amount of XP when cleaned. Take advantage of this rule and purchase single storage capacity displays. Invest in three or more small tables. This allows users more room to set up extra displays to clean and re-stock earning additional experience in the process.

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    Simple Products A+

    Virtual Store The products a player orders matters as well. Combining quick selling items and multiple single storage units is the secret to lightening speed leveling. The Black Sunglasses, Stripped Tie, Computer Mouse, and Can of Paint are the best products located in the catalog that sells quickly in a 3 minutes 50 seconds time span. Although, it is tempting to stock more glamorous or relative items in your retail store if you really want to speed up the leveling process. Focusing on the quick sellers is essential. Since earning XP doesn’t continue when users log off making the most out of playing time is crucial. Set aside several display tables or all of your displays to sell these items. It doesn’t matter whether it’s mixed or matched. Constantly clean and restock these products to level up fast.

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    Market Street Cheats – The Bulk Item Trick

    Market Street cheat A clever cheat to do in Market Street is the Bulk Item trick. This method takes full advantage of the gameplay feature that heavily involves decorating. Click the décor icon. Choose an inexpensive item like a vase or plant. For every purchase 35 XP is given. Repeatedly purchased the same item buying 10 or more and then click on them to resell at half price. Several expensive items with high XP value will earn the same results as well. Depending on how many coins a player has they can speed up the process of leveling with this one simple trick. Use these techniques to boost business and dominate the retail industry.