How to Play SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 – Strategy and Game Tips

How to Play SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 – Strategy and Game Tips
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About SpongeBob Diner Dash 2

Once again the lovable SpongeBob needs to help his friends from losing their restaurants. This time Sharkey Two-Times plans to demolish all the land of Bikini Bottom to build a mega mall and casino. To make all of the restaurants profitable and successful, SpongeBob must earn lots of money by serving customers and making tips.

Game Play

Spongebob Diner Dash 2 game

SpongeBob will need to work at five restaurants. There are multiple rounds that must be completed. In each round, the tasks stay the same but increase in difficulty.

In each round a specific amount of money must be earned. SpongeBob first seats waiting customers by clicking on an empty table. Next, the customers will order food. The order tickets are collected and taken to the ticket counter. Once the food is ready, SpongeBob will pick it up and take it to the hungry customers. After they have finished their meal, they will want to pay and then leave the restaurant. Money is collected and the dishes are cleared to make room for other customers. SpongeBob continues these tasks repeatedly until the round completes. A score report screen will then display that gives you a total of how much money and bonuses earned. Depending on how well you did, a bronze, silver or gold ranking is given. If the current round’s goals were met, SpongeBob can go to the next level. Otherwise, the round will need to be repeated.

In between successful round completions, you can select an upgrade to the restaurant. If you have received a bronze or silver ranking, only two options will be available. A gold ranking (expert) will give you an additional upgrade choice.

You win the SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 game once all five restaurants have been completed.

Game Tips

  • Customers who are ready to order will wave their fins. This does not have a sound, so you will need to pay attention when you have multiple tasks to complete.
  • You will hear a bell sound and see a plate when food is ready in the kitchen counter.
  • Try to complete tasks in chaining actions for higher scores and tips. For instance, after two groups of customers have been seated, wait until both parties are ready to order. Collect both tickets and then drop them off at the ticket counter.
  • Matching customers by color earns extra points. This score will increase by a multiplier of one after every successful group of color matched customers is seated.
  • Watch out for unhappy customers. Their moods are indicated by the number of hearts that is displayed next to them. If their heart count goes to zero, they will leave the restaurant.
  • Bring seated customers drinks to increase their patience and happiness. For waiting customers, use the podium to chat with them. After chatting for a bit, their heart number will improve.
  • The customers in SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 have different personalities and levels of patience. The noisy Rubberlip Seaperches with cell phones should be seated away from customers who are impatient or dislike a lot of noise. These types include the Goldeye, Whippersnapper and Quillback.