Sims 3 Mummies in The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack

Sims 3 Mummies in The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 World Adventures brings with it many new adventures and things to do, including mummies. In the Sims 3, mummies aren’t just seen in Al Simhara, Egypt, and other Adventures worlds, they are a major part of this expansion pack and Sims can do a lot with them, or against them. Mummies can range from a nuisance to part of the family in this Sims 3 expansion pack.

Finding Mummies

Mummies can be found in sarcophaguses as Sims explore the tombs in Al Simhara. A mummy may also appear when a Sim opens a sarcophagus or something else close to a mummy. Sims must beware, however, because mummies will almost always attack a Sim the second they see them. Mummies in tombs typically have a marital arts skill of five to ten and an athletic skill of five to ten. Mummies do move slowly and walk in a limp-like fashion, but if they catch up to a Sim they can do some damage. Sims can head to the Special Merchant and buy some Mummy Snack if they wish to fend of an attack. Sims can also increase their martial arts and athletic skills to help them if they do end up fighting a mummy. If a Sim loses a fight to a mummy they can be knocked out and possibly become cursed. If a Sim wins the fight, the mummy will become a puff of smoke and then a dust pile.

Mummy’s Curse and How to Remove it

In the Sims 3, mummies can curse a Sim. Once a Sim is cursed, he or she will only have two weeks to live. During this

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time, Sims can perform actions to remove the curse and go back to normal. To cure the curse, Sims can choose to talk to the Soulpeace statue within the Sphinx. However, Sims will have to plead to gain entry into the Sphinx. Sims can also kiss a King Cobra, but this isn’t a simple task. Sims will first need to buy a snake charming basket and then work up to a king cobra by unlocking the option. Meditating for several hours can cure the curse, as well. If Sims are successful in removing the Mummy’s curse, they return to being regular human Sims. If Sims are not successful in curing the curse, they will die.

What to do with Mummies

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Mummies can do many things a normal Sim can do. They can go on to find a job, fall in love, get married, and most other regular things Sims can do. They cannot, however, impregnate another Sim or become pregnant. They do walk very slowly and this can be tiresome after a while. In the Sims 3, mummies also catch fire rather easily due to the old bandages and wraps they wear. So, mummies should be kept away from flames because if a mummy does catch fire, they instantly die. Because of their flammable nature, mummies automatically have the “scared” moodlet and get scared when they are close to a fireplace or other open flame.

Caring for a Mummy

Mummies do not have to use the bathroom or get sleep because they do not have the bladder or energy motives. They

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do need to eat, however. They also tend to live longer and age slower than human Sims. Mummies are also good to have when exploring tombs because other mummies will not attack them and they cannot fall victim to the fire traps within tombs.