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Sims 3 Ambitions Consignment Shop

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The Sims 3 Ambitions brought with it a Sims 3 store, known as a consignment shop. Here is a detailed guide about this shop and what Sims can do with and in one.

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    The Sims 3 Ambitions brought with it many new careers and The Sims 3 store, better known as the consignment shop. Just about everything Sims can make can be sold here. These stores are open all week long from 9:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening for Sims to sell and purchase items. Fully understanding this shop and how to use it effectively will save Sims money and/or help them become self-employed.

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    Selling at the Consignment Shop

    Sims 3 store sims3nieuws cashier Sims who wish to sell items at the Sims 3 store will simply go in and head to the cashier. They will then click on consign and then choose the items. If the item sells on the first day, Sims earn 200 percent of the selling price, on the second day, 170 percent of the selling price, third day, 130 percent of the selling price, fourth day 110 percent of the selling price, and on the fifth day 100 percent of the selling price. By the end of the fifth day, any unsold items are returned to the seller. Sims should also refrain from trying to sell the same item multiple times.

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    The born salesman trait is incredibly helpful for Sims hoping to sell at the Sims 3 consignment shop. This trait will help a Sim gain reputation faster. They should also have the trait that matches what they wish to make, such as savvy, angler, artistic, sculptor, or green thumb.

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    Being good at sales and being friendly is a major plus. Sims should also be good at creating whatever they are selling. For example, if a Sims' main item is fish, he or she should be good at fishing. If a Sim is selling paintings, he or she should be a good painter.

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    Items to Sell

    Sims 3 store lindavandyk painting Sims can sell many different items at the Sims 3 store, or consignment shop. Sims can sell food and drink items that catch, grow, and make themselves, including fish, nectar, and things grown in a Sims' garden. Other items that can be sold include thing Sims have invented, sculptures, relics that Sims have discovered, paintings, books, and certain photographs.

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    The consignment store reputation challenge, once completed, will result in Sims not having to pay any fees upon selling items. Fees often decrease profits, so Sims looking to do well with consignment shops should complete this challenge as soon as they possibly can. Consignment store profit is rather simple. Sell $25,000 worth of items and earn higher profits. There is also the consignment store sales challenge, but this one seems a little odd.

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    Lifetime Rewards

    Sims working towards making a living this way should strive for the suave seller award as quickly as possible. It will increase their profits from sims 3 store sims3guide gardening the store by 25 percent. If a Sim is selling gardening-related items, the super green thumb reward is useful, those creating items may choose the efficient inventor or artisan crafter rewards.