Sims 3 Painting Skill Guide

Sims 3 Painting Skill Guide
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It’s nearly been a year since the former Maxis studios and Electronic Arts released the next installment of the popular simulation game, the Sims. Sims 3 brought a new look and feel to the game that was first introduced in its predecessor of Sims 2, giving more realistic traits, skills, careers, and facial expressions to ever sim that can be created by the player.

Some familiar skills were brought back to the updated game, including that of the painting skill. In this Sims 3 painting skill guide, we’ll look at what this skill is, how to raise it, any traits that are needed, how to master it, and how make a side or full time living as a painter.

The Painting Skill

The painting skill is probably a skill that is most often over looked in terms of the other skills that a sim can have (such as cooking or athletic), but for those who want a creative sim, this skill along with learning the guitar skill, can not only give a boost to your sims' moods, but can also make them a star.

So how do you get the painting skill? As with most of the skills that are offered in Sims 3, you can either read about the skill, take a


class on the skill, or just jump start into the skill.


The local bookstore or library will have a variety of books in which to help out the aspiring painter. They are done in skill levels, so each time you read about painting, you’ll gain more levels to the skill. This opens up the next level of books, as well as opening more opportunities as a painter.

Taking a Class

The painting class is held over at the school and will cost 400 simoleons to enroll. However, once completed, your sim will gain one level to the painting skill when the class has finished.

Jump Start

The easiest way to get into painting is to get your sim to just paint. You will need to buy an eisle from Buy Mode and then just have your sim start to paint.

Getting Started with Painting

While most sims can usually just jump into a skill, having some qualifying background usually helps. This comes in the form of traits. Traits are usually set up when a player creates a sim in Create A Sim and is one of the last things to complete before finishing a sim. There are several traits that can be particularly helpful to hopeful painters out there.


Sims 3 Guide to Painting

This is a trait that is good for any creative sim that is being created, but comes in handy mostly for painting sims. This trait helps sims learn the painting skill much faster, as well as getting the ability to discuss art with friends and family. Lifetime Wishes for this trait (for a painter) are World Class Gallery, Visionary, and Master of Arts


Perfectionists take their time to do things right. The downside is it may also take them longer to do things, however for painters, this trait does allow the ability to paint better, which can unlock the masterpiece painting skill.

On the next page, we’ll look at some traits, while learning what to do on making your painter a master.

Painting Traits

On the previous page, we looked at two important traits to get in order to learn the painting skill in the Sims 3. These aren’t the only traits, however, that you can add in order to help your painter grow. These are a few alternatives you can check.

Born Salesman

This is part of the Ambitions expansion pack, but is great for those self employed sims. If you want a career in painting, this is a great trait for selling the paintings you do.


Ambitious sims go after everything with gusto and are looking to make a name for themselves. This is a great trait for any type of business sim, however the downside is that they will start to worry if they aren’t on the fast track as quickly as they want.

Loves the Outdoors

A good trait if you want your painter sim to paint scenery. Loving the outdoors means they will get a boost when outdoors and, if you also have the sim with an athletic trait, they will look forward to being outdoors no matter what.


Every sim, especially creative sims, should have the lucky trait. Good things will happen to them, including selling paintings and getting opportunities to sell paintings.

Mastering the Skill of Sims 3 Painting

Mastering painting in the Sims 3 is like anything else in Sim life - it takes patience and hardwork. For painter sims, doing a lot and selling a lot of paintings will get them on the right track. If your sim has a job, painting in their spare time will help improve their skills, as well giving a boost to their moods. If painting IS your sims job, make sure that you don’t burn them out. Add the workaholic trait so that your sim will enjoy painting at any time.

As you do more paintings and sell more paintings, you may start to see opportunities that pop up asking for your sims help. These opportunities are usually delivering paitings to several buildings and work places in the game, which give a boost to your relationship skills. If you own the Ambitions expansion, you can start a career in painting when you hit the teenage years (assuming that you have started a family) or as an adult to give one point in the ‘self employed’ category.

Important Tips

As a creative being, your painter sim will need to be happy in order to feel like painting. Many times, if a sim’s moods are low, they

Sims Guide to Painting

won’t want to do anything, no matter how many times you try to get them to do something. For painters - as well as any sim - make sure that their moods and needs are constantly met and are constantly in the green.

Remember, sims need fun and play time too and while painting is a fun endeavor, sometimes you need to take your sim away from just painting all the time. Make sure they go out and do things or watch a little TV for some down time. Painting is fun, but doing it constantly without break will make your sim cranky and unhappy. So unless your sim has the loner trait (which can also help to lock them inside to paint), have them go out from time to time. Meet friends, family, and just hang out so that they are happy enough to paint.

If you have free will turned on, sometimes if your sim is truly happy, they may just paint just to paint and that’s a good thing. That means they want to paint for the joy of painting (or perhaps because they know if they don’t paint at least once a die, user God may smite them).

Make sure not to sell all of your paintings. As in the previous game, you can sell or hang a piece that your sim has painted in their home. This has the advantage of giving the ‘nicely decorated’ moodlet, which is a constant as long as your sim is in the house or in the room in which their awesome pieces are hanging.

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