The Sims 3 Reputation Guide for Romances

The Sims 3 Reputation Guide for Romances
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The Sims 3: Generations

The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack added a nice assortment of new content to the game. It centers on the different age ranges of Sims and what they like to do at that age. Sims can now throw new types of parties including sleepovers and bachelor parties, run a daycare in their own home, go to boarding school, enroll in after school activities and much more. One of the big areas that was added on was the romance area. Things really needed spicing up and Sims can now go on dates, watch the stars together and have The Sims 3 reputation that can haunt a Sim throughout their life (unless they cleanse it through a lifetime reward).

The Scrapbook and Romantic Reputations

With the “Generations” expansion pack an extensive new scrapbook and memories system was added into the game that allows users to save their Sims’ memories into a scrapbook. These memories can then also be shared with their friends on Facebook or on The Sims 3 website. Anything can be added as a memory and if pop-ups are turned on, you’ll see them for just about everything when playing. The Sims 3 memory system or scrapbook is separate for each Sim and can be viewed by clicking on the scrapbook button for it that is on the main “Simology” tab. The Sims 3 romantic reputation memories are some of the better memories to save to your Sims’ scrapbook though. The Sims 3 reputations is also viewed in the scrapbook or memory system pop-up area. It is unique for each Sim and shows the following information:

  • Reputation
  • Number of Romances – total number of romances and how many are active
  • Total Number of Betrayals
  • Total Number Times Cheated
  • Longest Romance With
  • Longest Romance Duration (in days)

Sims can find out what others are saying about them or they can view the status of their reputation by simply looking at this section in the scrapbook.

The Sims 3 Reputations

The Sims 3 reputation

All Sims that are at the age of dating will have a reputation (if the “Generations” expansion pack was installed that is). This could be a good thing or a bad thing for your Sims. If a Sim is faithful, they won’t have anything to worry about in their romantic relationship. Being faithful is the best romantic reputation that they can have. However, if they are unfaithful and have many betrayals it could cause them to be a dirtbag or a slimeball and will cause trouble in their life when they go on a date or try getting married.

Types of Romantic Reputations

The Sims 3 reputations are like titles that a Sim receives for their romantic reputation. The following is a list of the different titles that your Sim could receive for their romantic life.

  • None – this title is for Sims that have no relationships

    The Sims 3 wedding

  • Faithful – Sims that have been in just one relationship with the same Sim for fifteen days or longer receives this title

  • Exploring Options – this title is given if a Sim is in an active relationship and is exploring their options with other Sims

  • Naughty – this is for a Sim that has two or more romantic relationships

  • Manipulator – Sims have this one if they are in four or more relationships

  • Natasha – this is for female Sims that have ten or more relationships

  • Don Juan – this is for male Sims that have ten or more relationships

  • Casanova – this title is given to a Sim that has fifteen or more relationships

  • Cheater – Sims receive this title if they have had one or more betrayals

  • Dirtbag – Sims receive this title if they have had four or more betrayals

  • Slimeball – this is a very negative title that Sims receive when they have had ten or more betrayals

With these new titles, be careful with your Sims because there are consequences for being unfaithful now. For instance, if your Sim gets tempted and caves in at their The Sims 3 bachelor party, the bride may find out and not want to marry your Sim!

Restoring a Reputation

These reputations can haunt them around town forever – at least until you have enough Lifetime Reward points to purchase the “Clean Slate” reward for 25,000 points. This will wipe their romantic status so they can have a fresh start (status wise) with romance. Another new Lifetime Reward that is able to be purchased is great for Sims who enjoy flirting and even cheating. The “Above Reproach” reward costs 35,000 points and it will help a Sim go unnoticed when having public displays of affection. It isn’t 100% effective, but it helps much more than not having it on The Sims 3 dates with other Sims.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3. Screenshots provided by the writer.