How To Make Robots On Sims 3 Ambitions

How To Make Robots On Sims 3 Ambitions
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The Sims 3 Robots

The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack brought with it the ability to have robots in the game. SimBots are able to be added to your Sim’s family in two ways: purchased with Lifetime Reward Points or made through a series of quests from being an inventor.

SimBots are playable Sim characters that are added as a family member. They can be either male or female and they do look differently depending on which method you obtain your SimBot.

Purchased SimBot

How to make robots on Sims 3 Ambitions is easy if going the purchasable route. The 40,000 lifetime reward points can be obtained by doing things your Sim wants to do like painting, earning a raise, mastering a skill, etc. If you have the points, all you have to do is buy the “My Best Friend” lifetime reward.

When going this route, the SimBot arrives in a taxi and shows up at your Sim’s house with best friend status.

The gender for the SimBot is random and can be either male or female. Bought SimBots have a rusty appearance.

Invented SimBot

sims 3 inventor

How to make robots on Sims 3 Ambitions is hard if going the inventing route. Not only does your Sim have to master the inventing skill, but they also need to finish a series of quests.

After obtaining rank 10 in the inventing skill, your Sim will get the opportunity for this line of quests. Here is what you’ll be asked to do in order:

Bring 1 unit of Palladium to the science lab. This can be found on the ground in town or mined with the Miner which you probably already invented.

Bring 10 life fruits to the science lab. This seed is tricky to find and you will need level 10 gardening skill. Make sure to tend your garden and not let it die!

Bring 1 Heart Shaped Cut Pink Diamond to the lab. Raw pink diamonds are not easily found. They are quite unusual but they can be found in the neighborhood or with the Miner.

100 units of scrap are needed. This can be found at the junkyard or you can buy it from your Scraptastic Workbench.

The original SimBot that is invented is randomly male or female. However, after the Sim has invented this SimBot, they are able to pick which gender they want. They can then invent more SimBots whenever they want if they have the materials to do so.

SimBot Status

Once you have figured out how to make robots on Sims 3 Ambitions, you’ll need to know what your SimBot needs. Your new SimBots have needs too, but they are named differently than regular Sims. Here is there Simology:

Hunger is “Scrap Reserves” and they prefer to eat scrap instead of food.

Bladder is “Waste Buildup.”

Energy is “Charge” and they sleep in beds too.

Social is “Human interaction” and they build relationships too.

Hygiene is not available on SimBots.

Fun is “Trivial Entertainment” and they enjoy many of the things regular Sims do too.

If your SimBot dies, it is possible for your Simbot to turn into a ghost.