The Sims 3 Money Cheat Code: For When You Just Can't Stand Being Broke

The Sims 3 Money Cheat Code: For When You Just Can't Stand Being Broke
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The Sims 3 money cheat is just one of the many cheats that gamers can use in The Sims 3.

There are some that are even built right into the game that just require you going to your settings to activate. For instance, you can turn off aging, so you never have to worry about your Sims getting old and dying again. You could also set their lifespans to be “epic” which extends their lifespans by a huge amount. Even though this is not technically cheats, it is considered by many hardcore gamers to be “cheating.”

This will guide you through the not so easy to find cheats, like the Sims 3 money cheat, available for you to use in The Sims 3 games.

Money Cheat Code

Perhaps the most used cheat in The Sims has always been the money cheat. It allows gamers to make money by simply entering in a code – this is much faster than having your Sim go to their career to earn money (if only real life were this easy, right?).

This Sims 3 money cheat is able to be repeated as many times as you want. This can give millions of dollars to your household in a matter of minutes. Your Sims can use this free money to purchase a new car, home, electronics, anything they want!

The money cheat in Sims 3 is activated by pressing the CTRL, SHIFT, and C buttons on your keyboard at the same time.

This brings up a cheat console on the top of the portion of the game. Enter in here “kaching” (without the quotation marks) to have $1,000 added to your active household. For even more money, enter in “motherlode” to have $50,000 added to your active household.

Sims can also literally garden money trees, but this takes time and isn’t considered a “cheat.” If your Sim has a high enough gardening skill, they can make money doing this too though.

More Cheats

The Sims 3 cheats are quite helpful. While in the cheat console (by pushing the CTRL, SHIFT, and C buttons on your keyboard at the same time), you can enter in these popular codes for more cheats:

sims 3 racecar

help – lists the cheats available

help [cheatname] – explains specific information about the cheat

fullscreen on/off – turns full screen on or off to be playable in a windowed mode

unlockOutfits on/off – unlocks outfits, or locks them

freerealestate – Sims can move into a house for free

Delete object – deletes any object, even ones Sims are currently using

Advanced cheats are available by entering in “testingcheatsenabled true” into the cheat area. This allows users to have one of my favorite cheats: making needs static. To do this, click on the mailbox of the active house while pushing the Shift button on your keyboard. Then, select the “Make Needs Static” option. This makes it so all of your Sim’s needs are full and you can have them do whatever you want for any amount of time without worrying about food, using the restroom, or sleep! Another great option from this cheat is “Make Everyone Know Me” because it gives you friends without having to do the work!