The Sims 3 Pregnant Guide

The Sims 3 Pregnant Guide
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The Sims 3 - Pregnant!

The Sims 3 is a “generation” style of gaming where you can have your Sims 3 pregnant Sims raise families, get old, and die. The new generations grow up and the process repeats. The Sims 3 allows gamers to play with any of the families in the town by simply changing the active household.

This generation style of The Sims 3 is not the only option available though. You can select to play with “Anti-Aging” so your Sims stays the age they are for as long as you want them to. They then grow up (or go to the next life stage) by having a birthday party and blowing out the candles on their birthday cake.

How to get Pregnant in The Sims 3

If you want your Sim to get pregnant in The Sims 3, it isn’t that difficult. You need to have a male and female couple that has a relationship where they are able to have romantic interactions and The Sims 3 WooHoo.

Young Adult Sims are the most fertile, but Adult Sims are also able to get pregnant. Sims 3 teen pregnancy is not an option, unless you have a mod in use for such interactions.

About The Sims 3 Pregnancy

Pregnant Sim

Pregnant Sims are able to read books about pregnancy, receive advice on pregnancy by visiting the hospital, announce that they are pregnant in conversations, and prepare their nursery before having the baby. The Sims 3 pregnancy only lasts for 3 days (unless you have The Sims 3 pregnancy mod to change this), so preparing should start as soon as you find out your Sim is pregnant.

While your Sim is pregnant, they will have cravings for certain things, morning sickness, negative backache moodlet, but will have a positive “Pregnant” moodlet for the duration of the pregnancy.

If you have a Sim that is high in the Medical Career track, they can give medical advice to pregnant Sims and even figure out the gender of the baby. This is helpful for planning and decorating your Sims 3 nursery.

When your Sim is finally in labor and ready to have the baby, a message alerts you that the baby is on the way. Your Sim will have contracts and need to go to the hospital (either on her own, or have a member of their family drive them). The father of the child will join the mother at the hospital after she enters it. In a few hours (Sim-time) the Sims leave the hospital with the newborn baby. You can then name your baby and give the baby up to two traits.

The Sims 3 pregnant Sims are able to have birth at home, but most players choose to use the hospital. It can be fun to mix it up and have some give birth at home too though.

Fertility and Gender

Sims are able to give birth to twins or triplets in The Sims 3. This is more likely to happen if a Sim has purchased the Fertility Treatment Sims 3 Lifetime Reward, listened to kids music frequently, or watched the Kid’s channel on TV often.

The Sims 3 Baby

There are also ways to increase the odds of having either a male or female baby. By eating certain fruits, a Sim can help to pick their baby’s gender. It does need to be the whole fruit though, and not prepared in a meal to count.

For increasing chances of having a baby boy, the pregnant Sim needs to eat 3 apples. This gives a 99% chance of that Sim having a boy.

For increasing chances of having a baby girl, the Sims 3 pregnant Sim needs to eat 3 watermelons. This gives a 99% chance of that Sim having a girl.


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