The Sims 3 Expansion: Late Night Fame

The Sims 3 Expansion: Late Night Fame
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From Obscurity to Fame

The Sims 3 expansion, Late Night, adds the ability for your sim to become famous. New sims start out in complete obscurity, unknown by fellow residents of the neighborhood. However, with a little work a sim can climb the ladder. There are five levels of celebrity in The Sims 3 expansion Late Night, indicated by stars. Your sim’s simology tab now shows a star icon that tracks the level of celebrity your sim has achieved. You will see how many stars of fame your sim has attained, as well as your sim’s progress towards the next celebrity rank and associated statistics such as the number of celebrities your sim known, the number of free items received, the number of bars visited and the number of false accusations and public disgraces.

Gaining Celebrity Status

Your sim can achieve celebrity status by befriending other celebrities or impressing other sims with the mixology skills or by performing in a band. This may sound simple, but as many things, it is easier said than done. Befriending a celebrity requires your sim to first greet the celebrity and then, if the celebrity’s fame is higher than your sims, impress the celebrity. To identify a celebrity sim in The Sims 3 expansion Late Night, hover over the sim until the sim’s name appears. The name of a celebrity sim will also include an indicator of the star levels the sim has achieved. When your sim greets a celebrity who has more fame than your sim, the celebrity will often turn up their nose at your sim, snubbing your sim’s lack of celebrity. At this point your sim will need to impress the celebrity before normal social interactions will be available. To impress the celebrity your sim has various social interactions available, including talking about a skill or career, dropping names of other celebrities your sim has befriended or talking about wealth. When using the social interaction that discusses careers, skills or wealth, the chance of the interaction being accepted by the celebrity depends on the level of knowledge your sim has about the career or skill or the amount of cash your sim has. For example, if your sim chooses to impress by talking about logic and has no logic skill points, it is more likely that the attempt to impress will fail.

To gain celebrity through the mixology skill or by being in a band, your sim must showcase their skills. If in a band, your sim should play gigs and use the “Smooth Move” option to show off their skills. If relying on the mixology skill, your sim should mix great drinks for celebrities, name drinks after a celebrity and put on a good show while mixing drinks. If your sim is not skilled in mixology, they can still use drinks to impress celebrities by buying a round of drinks at a venue and serving one to a nearby celebrity sim.

Lastly, your sim may sometimes get celebrity opportunities that will add celebrity points to your sim’s fame status. These opportunities may be minor, adding only a slight amount of fame to your sim or, as in the celebrity skill opportunities, increase your sim’s fame by an entire level. The celebrity skill opportunities require your sim skilled in writing, painting, cooking, fishing or gardening to deliver goods to a celebrity for an entire level boost to your sim’s fame status.

Living the Good Life

Once your sim is a celebrity in The Sims 3 Nightlife a world of benefits opens up to your sim. Celebrities often get discounts at various places around town, including skill development classes, sporting events, meals and drinks at bars and the grocery and book store. In addition to discounts, celebrity sims may also be given free items. The likelihood of receiving a free item and the value of the free item increases with the level of fame your sim achieves. In addition to these benefits, when your celebrity sim is out on the town they may get stopped and asked for an autograph or picture. Your sim can also ask other celebrities for autographs or pictures as well.

Celebrity Downfall

The Sims 3 Nightlife: Celebrities are often scrutinized

While being a celebrity in The Sims 3 Late Night gives your sim some benefits, it also comes with some downfalls. Your sim is constantly watched and any bad behavior is scrutinized and spread around town. For example, if your sim passes out from exhaustion in a public place word will quickly spread of your sim’s bad behavior. Similarly, any indecent activities in elevators will make the rounds around the gossip mill. However, it is not only your sim’s poor choices that will circulate but also nasty rumors that hold no inkling of truth. When faced with these undesirable situations your sim may be able to use the social interaction “Dispel Rumors” when interacting with other sims to try to smooth things over.

Celebrity Lifetime Wish

A new Sims 3 Nightlife lifetime wish, “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” requires your sim to achieve the maximum celebrity level and have a net worth of at least 100,00 simoleans. A good way to attain this Sims 3 Nightlife lifetime wish is to focus on the charisma skill so your sim can schmooze with celebrities to gain friendship with them and thus increase your sim’s celebrity level. Of course, your sim will also need to focus on earning money to attain the second condition of this lifetime wish. A good career option for sim’s with this lifetime wish is in the Film career. Not only does this career have a high salary at the high levels but also allows gives your sim co-workers who are celebrities.