The Sims Medieval Market Guide for the Merchant Hero

The Sims Medieval Market Guide for the Merchant Hero
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The Sims Medieval Market

The Sims Medieval merchant hero is the only Sim that is able to buy and sell items at the market. They are able to trade with foreign neighbors to sell some rare items at The Sims Medieval market for a large profit and sell items to foreign Sims and local Sims for a large overall profit.

The merchant has special interactions they can initiate with their customers to get them to purchase their goods. They are usually quite smooth and can over time learn how to get Sims to buy just about anything from their stalls.

Buying and Selling for The Sims Medieval Market

Any good salesperson knows that to make money at a market, you need to sell something for more money than you purchased it for. The merchant knows this very well and uses the local Village Shoppe to purchase goods for their stalls. Even though you cannot set the individual prices for items, you should earn a nice profit from the items that you sell to your customers.

Each day the merchant is able to go to the Village Shoppe located just outside of the Kingdom and “Investigate Today’s Market” to see what the “hot” items for sale will be that day. Each day there are three hot items that will be popular with the Sims that visit The Sims Medieval market. Buy all of these items as you can and make sure to place them in your stalls. If you talk to your customers, they will buy these items easier and also earn more profit from doing so.

It is a good idea to buy as much as you can of all of the items and place them in your stall. That way, you will always have a large inventory of items (hot items included) that your customers can choose from.

When you want some foreign items for sale, you will need to trade with the foreign territory to receive those items to sell at your stalls. Visit the docks and use the ships to do this.

The Sims Medieval Merchant selling Merchandise

For the merchant to make a sale to the Sim, they need to have some relationship level with their customer. It is best to keep the conversation positive and complimentary towards the other Sim. Then, you can “Butter Up” the customer, “Hustle” them and then “Ask to Buy” interaction to see if the customer took the bait. These interactions get easier as your merchant levels up. Your hero could also try to “Bribe” the customer into purchasing an item. You will still make some money from this interaction, but not as much.

Tip: To get started with a large inventory for your stalls, use the money cheats in The Sims Medieval cheats that are available.


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