Meet the Characters of Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360

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When it comes to console role playing games, the characters play a big part in whether it’s actually good and fun to play. Think about it this way: you’re going to be spending many hours with these people. Do you really want to play 40, 60, or 80 hours of a game as characters that annoy you? Most would say ‘no.’

Tales of Vesperia has a lot of characters. Some are integral to the plot while others are just there for funny story bits. Overall, there are seven characters in Tales of Vesperia that you’ll need to pay attention to. These are the characters that will be in your battle party. Some will come later in the game, but all are important to the plot.

Yuri Lowell

Born in the Lower Quarter of the Imperial City, Yuri Lowell has a kind heart. He has a real drive to help those in need. Yuri can be seen as the main character of the story. He’s the person you control for most of the game. While he has a drive to help people, he also has a real drive to ‘stick it to the man’. Expect him to make some questionable decisions.

Fighting Style: Mêlée combat, sword and axe techniques


Repede is a dog with a mysterious past. He thinks he’s people, and is often seen smoking a pipe. Although he spends all of his time following Yuri around, he has no owner. He’s also great with knives, and will fight alongside all of your playable characters, knife in mouth.

Fighting Style: Mêlée combat, knife techniques, thief skills.

Estellise (Estelle) Heurassein

Spending all of her time inside the Imperial Castle, Estelle spends her time with her nose in books. She has a deep need to help people, and will often go to their aid before having a second thought. Now out of the castle, Estelle wants to find out who she is and what her purpose is. Estelle’s role may just have a bigger purpose after all.

Fighting Style: Mêlée combat, staff and sword techniques, healing and elemental magic.

Karol Capel

Having a broader view of the world, young Karol has been to many different cities. He focuses most of his attention on being in a guild. He loves all the rules that come with guilds, and that’s exactly what he wants. Unfortunately, he does have a problem of running away when things get a bit too scary.

Fighting Style: Mêlée combat, axe and mallet techniques, healing and fighting skills.

Rita Mordio

Rita spends all her time working on Blastia research. Even when out and about with Yuri and Estelle, she has a fixation on all things scientific. Although she’s no more than 15 years old, she has more experience and knowledge than any of the other, older scientists. Her knowledge can really help the group out.

Fighting Style: Mêlée combat, belt and sash techniques, elemental fighting magic.


Can you trust Raven? Maybe. What’s his deal, though? Who does he work for? He’s a pretty mysterious fellow with a shady past. Still, he seems to be devoted to the group and doesn’t mind helping out in a pinch. And for comic relief, he is often the butt of his friends' jokes.

Fighting Style: Long-range combat, bow techniques, fighting and supportive magic.


Miss Judith has her own goals. While she’s perfectly happy hanging out with the group, she may not always agree. Still, she feels attached to the other characters, and this affects how she feels about her past. Judith is Krityan, an older race of human-like creatures.

Fighting Style: Mêlée combat, spear techniques, offensive fighting skills.

These seven characters make up your general battle party. Still, there are other people in the world of Tales of Vesperia that can really make a difference. Flynn Scifo has been friends with Yuri Lowell since they were little kids running around the lower quarter. Now he’s off fighting for the Imperial Army, hoping to spread peace throughout the world. Zagi is a man with few marbles left rolling around in that head of his. He’s hell bent on fighting Yuri to the death, and often gets in everyone’s way at the least opportune times.

Be sure to watch out for all of these characters and more when you’re playing Tales of Vesperia for XBox 360.

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