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If you own Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360, you may have noticed the sheer number of achievements you can unlock. One of the most fun things about playing games on the Xbox 360 is the achievements. Not only do you get to work toward a myriad of goals, you can show off what you earned to all of your Xbox Live friends.

Here are all the achievements you can earn while playing the game. Keep in mind that many of these will need to be earned after a second or third play through of the game. There are 50 achievements available and 1,000 points to receive if you get them all.

1. Eureka! (10 points): Synthesize one item. Talk to a shopkeeper and you’ll eventually get the option to synthesize. Be sure to keep all your weapons, never sell them, as they’ll come in handy for this.

2. First Strike (20 points): During any battle, kill an enemy with only one shot from your characters. You’re getting stronger!

3. Big Game Greenhorn (20 points): Kill one of nine ‘Giganto’ monsters in the game. They can be found all over the world. Only fight them if you’re leveled up enough.

4. The Hit that Keeps on Hitting (20 points): Get this achievement when you reach a 100 hit combo in battle. This is tough! Master multi-hit weapon arts.

5. Too Much Free Time (20 points): Get to 100 hours of play time. This can be spread across two different play-throughs of the game if you make sure to buy records at the grade shop before you start over again.

6. To Points Unknown (10 points): Fly for 100,000 kilometers. This is a tough one and can only be achieved in one play-through. You may want to leave your game on overnight. Just tape your joystick in one direction while you’re in flying mode. Hopefully, by morning, you’ll have achieved this.

7. Grand Battles (10 points): Kill 1,000 enemies in your travels. If you just keep playing like normal, you’ll likely achieve this around the middle of the game.

8. Jackpot (10 points): Earn 100,000 chips Nam Combanda Isle. This is pretty difficult, and you’ll likely spend large amounts of time there in order to achieve this.

9. Smarty-pants (10 points): Get all of the trivia questions right on Nam Combanda Isle. These are about the Tales series, and unless you’re an expert, you may need to cheat.

10. Piggybank (10 points): Earn 10,000,000 gald at one time. This money has to be in your wallet all at once. Tough! While you can try for this in your first play-through, it may be easier in your second. Just make sure you can take all of your gald with you, by purchasing that option in the grade shop.

11. They Call Me… (30 points): Acquire all of the titles for every character. You’ll need to get this on the second or third play-through as this is extremely difficult.

12. Character Study (10 points): Watch every skit in the game. You can either make sure you get them the traditional way, or you can buy them in the grade shop for your second play-through. You still have to watch them once you do, though.

13. No More Grinding (10 points): Have one of your characters reach the maximum level of 200. This is really hard to do the traditional way, so buy helpful experience add-ons in the grade shop for the second play-through.

14. Back Up Plan (10 points): Use all of the save points in the game. You can only get this done in one play-through, since it doesn’t carry over to others.

15. Big Game Hunter (50 points): Kill all Giganto monsters in the game. There are nine throughout.

16. Map Nerd (50 points): Fly over every part of the world map. Take a look at your map in the menu screen to see where you still need to go. This shouldn’t be too hard.

17. Monster Nerd (30 points): Completely fill out your monster book, including using a ‘magic lens’ on each enemy. This includes boss battles and Giganto monsters. If you don’t get this the first time you finish the game, make sure to purchase the monster records from the grade shop before you play again.

18. Item Nerd (30 points): Completely fill out the collector’s book that you found at Rita Mordio’s house. This includes special and synthesis items.

19. Little Mad Scientist (10 points): Use item synthesis 20 times.

20. Low Level Challenger (10 points): Beat Barbos with a party level under 15. Try this in a subsequent play through. Avoid battles beforehand and use ‘1/2 EXP’ in the grade shop.

21. Speedster (15 points): Complete the game under 15 hours. Nearly impossible without trying.

22. Ahhh, Memories (30 points): Clear the Labyrinth of Memories.

23. Bunny Guild Member (10 points): Acquire Bunny Guild attachments through various side-quests. Once you have them all, wear all of them for five hours straight.

24. Recovered the Aque Blastia (100 points): Get this for completing Part 1 of the game.

25. Ended Alexei’s Ambitions (150 points): Get this for completing Part 2 of the game.

26. Defeated Adephagos (200 points): Get this for completing Part 3 and the entire game.

27. Secret Mission 1 (5 points): Don’t let Zagi seriously injure Estelle in this fight.

28. Secret Mission 2 (5 points): Attack Goliath from behind as he charges his attack, then knock him to the ground.

29. Secret Mission 3 (5 points): Use the plants around the battle field to stun Gattuso.

30. Secret Mission 4 (5 points): Attack Zagi near the side of the boat in order to knock him over and into the water.

31. Secret Mission 5 (5 points): When the Dread Giant rears on its hind legs, attack it from behind to knock it over.

32. Secret Mission 6 (5 points): Keep the Gigalarva from healing itself by using Raven’s arte, ‘Serpent’.

33. Secret Mission 7 (5 points): Destroy the bridge supports that surround the battle area when fighting Barbos.

34. Secret Mission 8 (5 points): If you wait long enough, Zagi’s charged blastia will explode.

35. Secret Mission 9 (5 points): Once Pteropus breaks up into many different bats, attack the leader to end the battle early.

36. Secret Mission 10 (5 points): When Outbreaker spits out its core, break it.

37. Secret Mission 11 (5 points): Use fire magic skills to light the candles surrounding the battle arena.

38. Secret Mission 12 (5 points): When Tison and Nan get stuck to the ground, knock them over.

39. Secret Mission 13 (5 points): When Schwann clutches his chest, attack him.

40. Secret Mission 14 (5 points): Cure Zagi’s poison with Karol’s arte skill ‘Nice Recovery Smash’.

41. Secret Mission 15 (5 points): Attack Baitojoh’s fin when he’s in the water. Do this three times.

42. Secret Mission 16 (5 points): Use Mother’s Momento when you’re fighting Estelle alone.

43. Secret Mission 17 (5 points): Use Raven’s arte skill ‘Rain’ on Yaeger’s chest.

44. Secret Mission 18 (5 points): Hit Alexei right after he uses his mystic arte.

45. Secret Mission 19 (5 points): When Gusios rears onto his hind legs, attack from behind and knock him over.

46. Secret Mission 20 (5 points): When Khroma uses her ‘Earthquake’ attack skill, keep hitting her during the middle of it.

47. Secret Mission 21 (5 points): Wait it out until Flynn uses all of his arte skills.

48. Secret Mission 22 (5 points): Once Zagi uses his special arte skill, ‘Blastia Bane’ start hitting him right away.

49. Secret Mission 23 (5 points): Use a mystic arte to defeat Duke.

50. Vesperia Master (0 points): Get all other achievements for Tales of Vesperia.

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