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Vampire II Tips: Adding Clan Members

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are tips for adding clan members to your Vampire II account.

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    Friend System

    Vampire II is a true PlayMesh title in that it keeps the clan member addition process as an entirely internal function. Instead of forcing you to invite other Vampire II players to build up your clan you are asked to treat them like a commodity within the game where you pay for them like an item. This makes the Vampire II process unique with a process that is not like most MMO text based iPhone RPGs.

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    Adding Clan Members

    When you are at the main Vampire II vertical view find Elders, which is highlighted in yellow. It will be directly below Victims and above Church, which will probably be highlighted in purple. When you open Elders, make sure that the Elder Offers button is selected at the bottom. There are a number of options here, but most of them are just for Vampire II PlayMesh Points. At the top of these you will see a bar that says “Hire a clan member” and a red price of blood that it costs on the right. Press this bar once and it turns into a blue button that says Confirm Payment in the center. Press it again and you will buy that clan member for the indicated price.

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    Vampire II PlayMesh Points

    Another viable option for purchasing clan members in Vampire II is to use your PlayMesh Points. When in Elder Offers look below the normal bar for buying clan members and you will see several PlayMesh Points options. Go two bars below the top clan member bar and you will see a bar that says “The Elders offer you 2 clan members.” This will cost twenty Vampire II PlayMesh Points and will be the best use of PlayMesh Points in Vampire II. This works the same as the previous clan members process except you spend PlayMesh Points instead of blood.

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    Buying clan members is an integral part of Vampire II. You can only control three victims with a single clan member, so you have to continue adding them consistently. They will get gradually more expensive and this is what makes the Vampire II PlayMesh Points option so important.

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