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Vampires II Tips: Vampires II PlayMesh Points

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for Vampires II PlayMesh Points.

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    PlayMesh Points Package

    PlayMesh Points are the central theme of all PlayMesh games. As PlayMesh keeps releasing free iPhone games, the only way they seem to make money is through using these titles as ways of selling these PlayMesh Points to iPhone gamers. These PlayMesh Points are then used to cheat within whatever game they seem to be working on. Vampires II, as one of the best and newest updates in the PlayMesh library, keeps this tradition alive. Here is a guide and some tips for buying, spending, and trying to get free PlayMesh Points in Vampires II.

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    Buying PlayMesh Points

    When you are in the vertical portrait view of Vampires II go to the yellow highlighted Elders, which is directly under Victims and above the Church. If you want to purchase some more Vampires II PlayMesh Points look to the bottom and hit the PlayMesh Deals button instead of the Elder Offers. Here you will see several different PlayMesh Points packages for Vampires II and one for Wizards. When you select one of these you will be taken to the App Store page for that PlayMesh Points package. From here you buy the application, download it to your iPhone desktop, and open it to bring these PlayMesh Points into Vampires II.

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    Spending PlayMesh Points

    If you want to spend some of these Vampires II PlayMesh Points, go back into Elders and hit the Elder Offers button at the bottom. Here you will see the number of PlayMesh Points you have in your Vampires II account and then a number of different options for spending your PlayMesh Points. Find the option you want and tap it, which will turn it into a blue button that says Confirm Payment in the center. Press it again and you will get the item you wanted for the specified PlayMesh Points price that was listed.

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    Vampires II Tips

    Vampires II PlayMesh Points are going to be rare even if you do pay for them. The first place that these should go every time is toward getting more clan members. You have to have clan members in Vampires II to complete missions, win fights and most importantly handle victims. Each clan member holds three victims, so you have to consistently purchase clan members throughout Vampires II. Each Vampires II clan member you have costs more money so any other option is well used. Save up your Vampires II PlayMesh Points and once you have several dozen clan members go ahead and use them for clan members. After this spending your Vampires II PlayMesh Points on blood is the best bet.

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    Free PlayMesh Points

    If you had Vampires original and then updated to Vampires II then you will get some free PlayMesh Points. Expect that there will be many more opportunities for free PlayMesh Points in the future. As they release more Vampires updates and promotional offers, you will be given more free PlayMesh Points, which is much better than paying for them.

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