Vampire II Tips: The Coffin

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Vampire the Sequel

Vampire II seems ripe for an upgrade soon, but until then its fundamentals remain the same. For a PlayMesh game it seems to be ripe in its theme, yet keeps the fundamentals down. Because of this Vampire II retains the hospital function under a different, though somewhat clever, name. Here are some tips for using the Vampire II Coffin.

Finding the Vampire II Coffin

When you are in the horizontal Landscape view in Vampire II you can find Coffin at the far left side, just to the left of the Tavern, Trainerand Elders. When you are in the vertical Portrait view of Vampire II you will find the Coffin under the Blood Bank and above the Tavern, where you talk to other Vampire II players.

Using the Vampire II Coffin

Like any PlayMesh hospital, you cannot use the Vampire II Coffin if you are at full health. There will just be a line of text telling you that you “don’t need the blood sacrifice.” If you are at a lower health level then there will be a button in the center and a cost above that.

The blood cost for using the Vampire II coffin will depend on how low you are and what level you are at. Toward the top of the Vampire II Coffin view will be your Bank Balance. This is just a listing of how much blood, or money depending on how literal you want to be, you have in the Vampire II Blood Bank.

You have to use blood from the Vampire II Blood Bank in the Vampire II Coffin to pay the bill. You cannot just use spare blood. Make sure that the cost of using the Vampire II Coffin is not more than what you have in your Vampire II Blood Bank account.

Vampire II Tips

The cost of just using the Vampire II Blood Bank is ten percent of all deposits. This is not the highest of all MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, but it still is not great. The same is true of the cost of the Vampire II Coffin. These costs together make it a relatively expensive option, so save the Coffin for when you really need it. Do not heal yourself on random occasions. Instead, just allow yourself to heal naturally.

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