Military Might Tips: The Hospital

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Commercial Warfare

In PlayMesh’s Military Might we are emulating a digital Blackwater, which buys us into the privatized war front. Everything costs in Military Might, and the hospital feature that is in place in all of PlayMesh’s free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. Here are some tips for the Military Might Hospital.

Military Might Hospital

When you are in the vertical Portrait view select Hospital, which is under The World Bank and above PlayMesh. For those who know the PlayMesh model well it will not be a surprise that you will not even get a full interface in the Military Might Hospital if you are at full health. You will just get a condescending line that reads “You don’t need the medic.”

When your health has begun to dwindle, the Military Might Hospital will have a heal button the center with a cost above it. This cost will be different at different points in Military Might, determined with factors such as the amount of healing you need at the position you are at in Military Might.

At the top, it will list your balance at the Military Might World Bank. You must use the money you have in the Military Might World Bank to pay the bill in the Military Might Hospital. You are not allowed to use spare cash.

Military Might Tips for Health

The cost of the Military Might Hospital is two-fold. Not only does the Military Might Hospital cost money, but the Military Might World Bank takes a ten percent fee out of all deposits made. This means that you are paying all over the place for the privilege of the Military Might Hospital. This means that you have to save the Military Might Hospital for special occasions later in the game. This is usually true for when you are trying to increase your number of Fights Won and are fighting repeatedly.

This will then heal you back so you can continue your campaign, though you could easily just put it on hold for a little while and heal naturally for free. Though you can use PlayMesh Points to heal yourself you still should go for the Military Might Hospital in all cases. Be aware that you have to heal all the way in the Military Might Hospital and cannot just heal enough to continue your fight campaign.

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