Hiring Commanders in Military Might

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Neo-Conservative Military Policy

Gaming frenzy has come to the military with Military Might, one of the newer PlayMesh titles infecting the iTunes landscape. With this game you follow some of the expected roads on the text based iPhone RPG map, except with the unique friend system established by PlayMesh. Instead of adding other Military Might players you simply pay for a commander, which both evens things out and lends itself to more cheating opportunities with PlayMesh Points. Here is an easy guide for adding commanders to your Military Might account.

Adding Commanders

When you are in the vertical portrait view in Military Might go down to the highlighted High Council, which will be under Properties and above Interpol. Once you have selected High Council you will be taken to another menu and at the bottom will be two buttons. Make sure that The High Council Offers is selected instead of PlayMesh Deals, which is a market within Military Might where you can purchase PlayMesh Points from the App Store. Go the top of the High Council Offers and look for “Hire a commander.” Press on this and it will turn into a blue button that says Confirm Payment. Press this button now and you will purchase a commander for the price that was listed there originally.

PlayMesh Points

A couple slots below that will be another option for adding a commander. Find the rectangle that lists “The High Council offers you 2 commanders” for twenty PlayMesh Points. Again select this, and once it turns into a blue button you press it again. After this is done the transaction of your twenty PlayMesh Points for two commanders will be made. This should be the main focus of any and all PlayMesh Points that you end up with in Military Might.

Military Might Commander Tips

Make sure that you purchase Military Might commanders on a regular basis. A single commander can only operate three pieces of property and using property for income should be your main focus through the first few dozen levels. On top of this you are going to need large numbers of commanders to win fights and complete missions later on.

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