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PlayMesh Point Package

Military Might works the same as all of the PlayMesh marketplaces. The only true reason that Military Might exists, beyond the fact that PlayMesh developers like painting the same car different colors, is to sell PlayMesh Points. PlayMesh Points work the same in Military Might as they do in the rest where it is used by wealthy players to cheat. Within the game you then use these PlayMesh Points to purchase different things that are central to gameplay and are often out of your immediate control. Here is a guide to purchasing PlayMesh Points, spending PlayMesh Points, and even looking for free PlayMesh Points for Military Might.

Buying PlayMesh Points

When you are in the vertical portrait display for Military Might find High Council, which is in the usual spot below Properties and above Interpol. Once you select this highlighted High Council bar you will be taken to a screen where you must look to the bottom to find the PlayMesh Deals button. Hit the PlayMesh Deals button and you will be taken to a number of different Military Might PlayMesh Points packages that you can purchase, as well as some iPirates PlayMesh Points packages. When you select one of these Military Might PlayMesh Points package and then you will be taken to the App Store. From here you buy and download like any pay iPhone application, and once it is on your iPhone desktop you just open it. It will then open Military Might and the PlayMesh Points package will then be added to your account.

Spending PlayMesh Points

When you want to spend the PlayMesh Points in Military Might just go back to the High Council and hit the High Council Offers instead of PlayMesh Deals. At the very top you will see how many PlayMesh Points you have currently in your Military Might account. Below will be one option to purchase a commander for regular Military Might money, and then below that will be different options to spend your PlayMesh Points. Find the option you want. Press once to turn it into a purchase button, and then press again to buy the item that you are looking for at the set PlayMesh Points amount that was listed. These are things like getting two Military Might commanders for twenty PlayMesh Points or getting a full energy refill for ten PlayMesh Points. These options are the same as they are in almost all PlayMesh games and should be treated the same. The first choice for spending your Military Might PlayMesh Points should be on getting two commanders, especially later on as they get more expensive the more you get. Second to this should be using your Military Might PlayMesh Points for money.

Free PlayMesh Points

One constant amongst MMO text based iPhone RPGs are promotional packages, especially of free PlayMesh Points. Throughout PlayMesh has offered free PlayMesh Points as a way of maintaining playership and enticing people to download updates. They also often offer free PlayMesh points to you when you download and/or play other PlayMesh games. Your best choice is to download other PlayMesh titles and check the App Store often to see when free PlayMesh Points packages are offered for Military Might.

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