Quick Tips for Starting Out in Warbots

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Beginner’s Luck

What ends up being the end game of Warbots is what happens at later levels once you have committed to it. Warbots tends to be a number of tasks right at the beginning, but unless these are done right, you will not have the right positioning in different areas to take care of yourself at the upper levels. Here are a few tips for those starting out in Warbots.


Though it seems a little mundane it is a good idea to complete the tutorial that is present in the beginning of Warbots. This tutorial is listed at the top of the main display and just tells you to complete certain tasks each in different parts of Warbots, such as missions and battles. This is a good way to speed up the process of getting to know the Warbots interface and how some of the basic functions interact.

Missions and Property

Just complete enough missions to get the base amount of money to buy property. Missions bring both experience points and money, which means that completing a number of them will make you level up. You want to hold off leveling up so that you can make a large sum of money and acquire a number of items on your current level. If you focus on camping on each level then you can ensure that you are the most powerful on that level. The base Wasteland costs $5,000, which means completing a couple missions from the higher level of those available. The best way to do this is to complete several Recharge Cells, and then use the money acquired to buy a scope to complete the Spy on Rival Base mission. You need to perform missions periodically to level up, but make sure this is in an effort to get more available items and properties and not for money.

Faction Members

Hire faction members only according to the need set by your property purchases. Once you get a large number of properties these are going to be expensive, yet you want to be able to focus in all of your money in the effort to get more real estate. This means to avoid buying faction members ahead of need. Only purchase them when you are informed that you need more faction members to buy property.

PlayMesh Points

Though PlayMesh offers promotional PlayMesh Points to cheat in the game there is really no reason to use them. It is easiest enough to earn everything you need in Warbots, so spending real money on PlayMesh Points is a waste. You will start out with a certain amount of PlayMesh Points, which should only be used on purchasing faction members.

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