Warbots: Tips for Using PlayMesh Points

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Getting PlayMesh Points

PlayMesh Points are the reason that PlayMesh keeps pumping out their titles. iPirates, iMafia, Ninjas, iRacing, Wild West, Warbots and others, all share similar game designs and utilize a point system as a way for people to buy some success. PlayMesh Points are then purchased with real money through the iTunes App Store and the links to these purchasing locations are often linked from within the game.

Once you have purchased and downloaded the PlayMesh Points for your specific game it is then placed as an individual application on your iPhone desktop. From here, you just open it up and those purchased PlayMesh Points will be added to your account. The same is true of the free PlayMesh Points offers that are given up in the App Store on occasion. These are just ways for PlayMesh to maintain playership on these games so they keep open the option for purchasing more PlayMesh Points. Though PlayMesh Points are not a good use of anybody’s money and are a basic form of bourgeoisie cheating, there are better and more efficient ways to use PlayMesh Points. The following are a few tips for using PlayMesh Points in the new PlayMesh game Warbots.

Using PlayMesh Points in Warbots

When you are in PlayMesh’s Warbots go to The Singularity, which is in the upper left hand corner of the left panel if you are looking at the horizontal view and directly above Interpol when looking at the vertical stacking view. Once you are here, you can then hit The Singularity Offers button at the bottom to spend PlayMesh Points in Warbots. Here you have to look for what is essentially going to work out to be the best offer. Since Faction Members cost more as you go along this is going to work out as a great PlayMesh Points purchasing plan. Once you have several Faction Members, usually over two dozen, then using PlayMesh Points on them are likely going to be the best deal. You can get two Faction Members for a total of twenty PlayMesh Points.

If you are going to use them right off the bat then it is best to simply go for the money. Later on, you can use ten PlayMesh Points to get a full energy refill, which is a good idea once you have gotten high in levels. The reason for this is that early on you should not be focusing on missions because you want to avoid leveling up. Later on, missions will have huge financial payouts and leveling up will not be something to avoid. There really is no reason to spend PlayMesh Points on skill points unless you have drastically spent your skill points in the wrong areas when leveling up. You will notice this if you cannot win battles and keep being attacked. A new alias and full health are useless and extravagant uses of your Warbots PlayMesh Points.

Buying More Warbots PlayMesh Points

If you want to purchase PlayMesh Points from within Warbots just stay in The Singularity and then hit PlayMesh Deals at the bottom. Once you are in the PlayMesh Deals menu you can then select different PlayMesh Points packages for different dollar amounts. Pick the Warbots PlayMesh Points package you want to buy just tap on it, which will turn it into a long blue button hat says Go to App Store in the middle. When you hit this you will be taken to the App Store where you can actually purchase packages of PlayMesh Points for Warbots.

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