Warbots: Adding Faction Members

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PlayMesh Time

The PlayMesh gaming model is intact in every one of their games. iMafia, iRacing, Star Command, iPirates, Wild West, and Vampire all hold similar dynamics that are more isolationist than many of the competing iPhone games. Warbots, as another instillation in their gaming franchise, follows the same system, including how they add “friends” internally.

Buy Faction Members

When you are at the main Warbots stacked display go down to the Singularity, which is directly below Properties and above Interpol. Select it and you will be given a menu with a number of different offers. Make sure to select The Singularity Offers at the bottom instead of PlayMesh Points. At the very top of the available options will be “Hire a faction member” with a price to the right. When you press this once the slot will change into a blue button that says Confirm Payment in the middle. Press it again and you will purchase a Faction member to add to your Warbots account.

Warbots Rules

You are going to have to purchase these Faction members on a regular basis to complete the objectives of Warbots. You need one Faction member for every three pieces of property, which should be the main focus of your financial success. You will also need certain numbers of Faction members to finish upper level missions and fight more advanced Warbots players. Getting a large-sized Faction is going to be one of the important parts of moving through Warbots.

PlayMesh Points

PlayMesh Points have been injected into Warbots as a way for PlayMesh to make more money. You are going to be given some to start with, will often be given more during PlayMesh offers, and there are always PlayMesh Points packages that you can purchase from the App Store. As with all PlayMesh games, you can buy two Faction members with twenty PlayMesh points, so if you have some this is a good use of them. Wait until you have many Faction members so that the price of each additional one is high before you start spending PlayMesh points on them. This is the only way that it is a good use of PlayMesh Points.

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