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Cursed Mountain Wii Preview

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Cursed Mountain takes you through a horror/survival adventure where you play Eric Simmons, a man in search of his brother who has mysteriously gone missing in the dark and eerie Himalayan mountain range. A video game for the Wii, Cursed Mountain is expected in August, but stay in touch for updates.

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    Cursed Mountain the Beginning

    Cursed Mountain for the Wii gaming console 

    The Himalayas are old, these majestic spires rise forever into the sky as you gaze upward through the mist covering their foothills at their snow covered peaks. The perfect setting for a survival/horror video game, the dark and mysterious Himalayas hide their secrets well within forgotten valleys that once were the abode of life desiring nothing but peace and serenity, in their quest for a higher plane of existence.

    Cursed Mountain is a Wii horror/survival video game by Australian developer Deep Silver (formerly known as Rockstar Vienna) set in the mysterious and dangerous Himalayas of the late 1980s. Designed and developed to immerse your senses in a world of dark, eerie environments meant to drag the creepy feeling of a psychological horror from the depths of your soul, where it resides, and bring it to the surface to keep you engaged and energized with a feeling of fear and the unknown.

    Cursed Mountain attempts to make use of the natural atmospheres and environments created by the Himalayas and recreates them as a backdrop for a survival/horror adventure video game. In the hope of creating a title for the Wii console that will be the most entertaining title in the horror/survival genre for the Wii in a few months.

    The lead character in Cursed Mountain is Eric Simmons, a fearless mountain climber and lost soul who has travelled to the Himalayas in search of his brother who has mysteriously gone missing within the forgotten realms of the Himalayas. Meant to compete against video games like Dead Space, another psychological horror/survival title for the Wii console, and one that has shown a surprising amount of popularity with the casual gamers that make up the majority of the Wii consoles customers.

    Cursed Mountain could have the mix of horror, survival, adventure, and action that Wii gamers have been dreaming about, but haven't received. Let's take a look at the things that are being said about this title, so far, and what you can expect.

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    Cursed Mountain the Future

    Cursed Mountain is a fun adventure video game for kids 

    Cursed Mountain has lots of creepy environments and an atmosphere that is pretty spooky in the Buddhist villages Eric travels through during his search for his missing brother. You are constantly going upwards as you progress, a deliberate design meant to allow you to know when you're progressing while playing the title.

    This design works well in the game play shown for this title, so far, since you're always climbing upwards as you try to solve the mystery surrounding your missing brother, it's hard to get off track.

    The title so far appears to be a straight ahead adventure game with some combat, puzzle solving, and action scenes, more than a horror/survival video game, but the final product could be a hybrid. The first 3 levels of this video game show a nicely drawn camp settings and are the most combat intensive levels of this title included in the previews.

    The hero Eric battles spirits with what looks like a pick axe, but there were a few projectile weapons (not guns) that stunned the spirits, and they all worked well in the scenes for the game, so far. Eric targets the spirits using the Wii remote, and then hits the correct button. As the damage Eric does to a spirit increases, symbols appear on a spirit indicating gestures you need to make with the Nunchuk and Wii remote, in order to take care of these spirits. The gestures used worked well in the previews to make battling spirits in lost cities in the Himalayas extremely intense and immersive and adds an interesting game play element that has potential.

    Cursed Mountain is still in development until at least August and there haven't been any updates by Deep Silver indicating delays, so everything appears to be okay for you to give this survival/horror video game a try, sometime in August, the latest date is August 25th. If this video game sounds like a title that could interest you, then check around this time for the first reviews of this video game to appear on Bright hub, and we'll tell you what we think.

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