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Review of Our House Party! for the Nintendo Wii: Our House is a Very, Very Nice House

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Need to do a little home remodeling work? Then pull the Nintendo Wii's remote and Nunchuk out and let them morph into tools for hammering or sawing over a much needed repair. Who would have thought that fixing up a trophy house or doing some repair work could be turned into mini-games?

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    Come to the House Party

    61hq21hW3eL. SL500 AA280 Weekend projects and having to fix a bathroom or living room is no way to spend your time. So why is playing Our House! better? Besides the obvious safety of not busting your thumb with a hammer, there's all the tools and opportunities for home remodeling and renovation work that you could ask for. Without any of the mess. With Wii remote and Nunchuk in hand, it's like every tool you could need has been readied for you. So step inside and start changing the view using power tools.

    There's over two dozen projects to choose from - working in the garden ain't my thing during allergy season - but maybe it's time to check out the porcelain throne and redo the bathroom big time. Of course you have to pick a lot to build on, not to mention a house to build.

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    What You See is What You Do

    41-wCt+T+sL. AA280 You see your character from a slightly raised view as he/she moves throughout the game on project after project. That view changes depending upon what is going on - so expect to get in close and personal when those tools go into action. Graphics are bright and colorful and they as well as the things being used all seem to be moving at a frantic pace. But then again, it's not about stopping for tea - there's lots of work to be done and you have to get it done double-quick to show others just what you're made of.

    And for those who care - check out that lawnmower you can ride around on. Doesn't it kind of remind you of Mario Kart for the Wii? Granted the idea here is to cut the grass and not run over Luigi...

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    Sound Off When the Project's Done

    Sound effects are as expected - too bad you can't take a "virtual aspirin" after listening to a hammer doing its thing for far too long. Audio in general serves the purpose of providing the "sound track" to the movie that is what you are trying to accomplish - it had better be there but isn't supposed to stand out on its own.

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    Tooling Around the Interface

    51459TnTMWL. SS350 Grab a tool and move it around to where it will do the most good and start using it - if you can figure out what you're seeing then you shouldn't have any problems in figuring out how to use it. Making sure you're using the tool right is another thing altogether, though. It's great having such an easy time of it - which is to say an easy time getting ready to do the needed work. You can't blame the tools when a problem crops up - much as you'd like to. Just keep your hands up and the Wii remote and Nunchuck primed to go and you'll be fine (or at least less embarrassed).

    Racing to the local home improvement store for tools can get you moving fast - especially when you're trying to outrace others out to steal your glory. Just make sure you check the project specs so you know what is needed - this ain’t like a bike where you can leave out a few parts and still expect the wheels to go round.

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    The House Rules So Play Nice

    51gmrucEOnL. SS350 Working by yourself can be satisfying, especially when you've managed to complete a project that would have you flummoxed in the real world. That you can bring in another player (up to three actually) can make for some fun times for the family - especially when there's paint to be splattered - but it's also helpful for moving around furniture. You wouldn't think of doing a house project as a "Party", but if raising barns is good enough for the Amish, why complain about working together on a virtual house or two?

    Once you have gotten the hang of it all and are feeling confident, then it's time to go online and view how other's are coming along with their own house building projects on a virtual "street" using WiiConnect24. Just tool your way over to the Neighborhood mode and check them out.

    Since there's tools, any self-respecting guy should be able to hold his own against the female of the species, right? Just don't check the score my wife got when we went up against each other. She says this kind of game is better than killing Zombies. I say...nothing because I know better from long experience.

    Whether painting a den or reworking the kitchen, it’s less of a mess than in the real world but pretty much what you’d expect on the Wii screen. You agree that building a house from scratch is a lot easier when things like physics don’t get in the way, right? But by the end of the "day" you'll have built a dream house that will make the neighborhood proud. Now you just have to do a few dozen projects inside of it and in the back yard...