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XBox Games

Kinect Adventures Review

Kinect Adventures offers gamers a decent sampling of gametypes to choose from and best of all it’s bundled with the Kinect itself. While most of the games are simple and there’s not exactly a lot of depth it’s hard to beat the price and if you’re looking for a Kinect but on a budget you’re in luck.

Limbo: The Game Review

Limbo is a curious game. While the aesthetics create a deep gamut of imagery and atmospheric foreboding, the game itself is let down by an almost fundamental contradiction between thematics & mechanics. Read on for the full review of the Limbo video game on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Review of Axel & Pixel

Axel & Pixel is a delightful 2D point-and-click adventure game, using cheerful hand drawn designs and photographed backgrounds while placing a heartfelt and superlative ambient soundscape over them, creating one of the best Xbox LIVE Arcade experiences yet. Read on for more analysis and reviewing…

Eternal Sonata for the Xbox 360

While other quality Japanese roleplaying games have been released in the past year, 2007’s Eternal Sonata was the first worthwhile JRPG to hit the system. Here’s a look at this unique title produced in part by members of the Baten Kaitos and Star Ocean design teams.