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    • Find out How Well You Know Angry Birds in This Quiz
      Angry Birds is a smartphone gaming sensation. Are you an addict? How well do you know your Angry Birds? Put your knowledge to the test in this quiz.
    • Defeat Those Pigs with Our Angry Birds Mega-Guide
      Angry Birds has been the smash hit of the smartphone gaming world so far. It even recently spawned a movie. Get all the Angry Birds hints, tips and walkthroughs you’ll ever need right here.
    • Angry Birds Style Games on Android
      If you've gone crazy for all things winged and mad, and have no Angry Birds levels to play, then you are in luck cause there are some healthy offerings to keep you entertained. There are also some pretty dreadful ones too, so look out for some rotten eggs in our "stay away" section at the end.
    • Guide to Getting Three Stars in Angry Birds Rio - Jungle Escape
      Welcome to the second installment of Angry Birds Rio, Jungle Escape, where we show you how to kill each and every monkey whilst achieving 3 stars on each level. With themes getting more complex and a wider variety of birds, Angry Birds shows us it is still on form with these fun, challenging levels.
    • Angry Birds Walkthrough The Big Setup and Ham 'Em High Theme 11 and 12
      Welcome to the sixth part of the Angry Birds walkthrough, The Big Setup and Ham 'Em High Theme 11 and 12. Find out how to play Angry Birds and get a 3 star rating for every Angry Birds level here.
    • Guide to Getting Three Stars in Angry Birds Rio - Smuggler's Den
      After getting 3 stars in Angry Birds and Seasons the arrival of Rio was an exciting time. It has to be said that three star ratings were mostly achieved first time but the pesky levels which proved more difficult, at times seemed impossible. That said, you can achieve anything with enough practice.
    • Best Games like Angry Birds for the iPhone
      Tired of hurling chirpy wingless birds at cartoon pigs? Why don’t you play a game as challenging and addictive as the original? There are plenty of games like Angry Birds available on iTunes. They boast great puzzles that are more challenging and impressive than the original game.
    • Angry Birds Seasons: Valentines Walkthrough
      While passing all the levels in Angry Birds can be a challenge the real challenge of the game is to achieve three stars. This Angry Birds Valentine's Walkthrough can help you to achieve three stars on every one of the levels reasonably easily.
    • Angry Birds Seasons: St. Patrick's Day Walkthrough
      Playing through Angry Birds Seasons: St. Patrick's Day is only half the fun, the other half is getting three stars on each level. This walkthrough will help you not only get through the stages but give tips on how to get three stars on each.
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