Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Jungle Escape Walkthrough for Theme 3

Welcome to the second installment of Angry Birds Rio, Jungle Escape, where we show you how to kill each and every monkey whilst achieving 3 stars on each level. With themes getting more complex and a wider variety of birds, Angry Birds shows us it is still on form with these fun, challenging levels.

Angry Birds Rio Review

Angry Birds Rio is the latest installment in the Angry Birds saga and is inspired by the upcoming movie release Rio. Read this full review to find out if Angry Birds Rio is worth the download, regardless of whether you are a new fan of the series or an existing Angry Birds fan, our review is here!

Angry Birds Seasons Christmas Walkthrough

Angry Birds Seasons Christmas is easily one of the most addictive games around right now, and it is no wonder it has long been in the top downloaded lists. We’ve put together the Angry Birds Seasons Christmas Edition walkthrough guide to get you 3 stars on all levels.

Angry Birds Strategy Guide

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on the iPhone. In fact, chances are if you’re reading this you already own it! Join us as we run down tips and tricks for each of your Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations

Angry Birds has already made its mark on iPhone and iPod Touch owners, but you might be missing out on some of the coolest bonuses a mobile game has ever offered. Check out our Golden Egg guide to get even more fun out of an already great game!