Dawn of Discovery

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    • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Peasant Buildings
      In Dawn of Discovery everything begins with peasants. These simple folks form the foundation of your economy and their basic buildings bring in raw resources which are required for the functioning of your settlements. This guide covers their buildings and how to properly use them.
    • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Economy
      Dawn of Discovery (also known as Anno 1404 in Europe) is a strategy game which is largely about economics. The economy is very complex, and new players can feel overwhelmed. This guide will help you learn the basics so that you can create successful cities.
    • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Basic Strategy
      Dawn of Discovery is most an economic game, but strategy also plays a part. You will sometimes have to deal with neighbors both diplomatically and militarily and you actions when making this strategic decisions can will or lose the game.
    • Dawn of Discovery Review
      Dawn of Discovery is the best RTS title for the PC since the release of Empire: Total War. It combines a slick and useful interface, excellent game mechanics, it's richly adorned with rewarding and useful depth, and exhibits a complex and challenging gameplay that's a pleasure to play.
    • Dawn of Discovery: Venice PC Review
      A mediocre expansion to the original, Dawn of Discovery: Venice, also known as Anno 1404: Venice in other parts of the world, nevertheless adds some features which will bring already enthused gamers even more enjoyment.
    • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Patrician Buildings
      As your citizens level up to Patrician level they will provide you will more tax income and unlock new buildings. However, Patricians are needy and require things such as bread, beer and security in order to be happy. This guide to the Patrician buildings will help you keep them satisfied.
    • Dawn of Discovery: A List of Achievements
      Dawn of Discovery is a big game, and there are numerous achievements you can earn. Some are simple, while others are very obscure and difficult to earn. This achievement list covers all of the achievements and what you need to do to earn them.
    • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Citizen Buildings
      The Citizen level is the second level of advancement in Dawn of Discovery. Reaching Citizen level opens up tools which are core to Dawn of Discovery. This means a lot of new and confusing options. This guide to the Citizen level buildings will help you understand what they are for.
    • Dawn of Discovery Review
      Curious about the newest simulation building game out for the DS right now: Dawn of Discovery? Here is your gamer's review of this fun to play building game to let you see what you are in for when you play.