Beginner Game Guide to Roller Coaster Kingdom on Facebook - Roller Coasters & Fun

Beginner Game Guide to Roller Coaster Kingdom on Facebook - Roller Coasters & Fun
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Zynga Roller Coaster Kingdom

Inspired by the popular management game Roller Coaster Tycoon Zynga presents Roller Coaster Kingdom. Unlike other facebook games by Zynga such as Farmville this unique game lets players run their own custom theme park. Learn how to build rides, construct pathways, set up food stands, decorate, book tours, and keep your park visitors satisfied in this beginner game guide for Roller Coaster Kingdom. Discover the best methods to set up your park for ultimate roller coaster success. Unlock Roller Coaster Kingdom tips and secrets that will help you make more coins and level up faster in this Roller Coaster Tycoon based facebook game.

Roller Coasters & Risky Moves

Roller Coaster Kingdom Tips - Roller Coasters

When starting out in Roller Coaster Kingdom a short tutorial will run. Players are given a small lot of land and parking lot to work with. The main objective is to build up and expand your park into a money making thrill riding machine. The key in managing your theme park properly is to plan ahead. Roller Coaster Kingdom is not an easy game. There is little room for mistakes. Once roller coasters are built they can not be moved. Players must literally knock the ride down losing valuable money and time. Thinking carefully about where to place each ride and food stand is important for success. In Roller Coaster Kingdom players are prompted during the short tutorial to build their first ride. Placing the roller coaster close to the ticket stand is the best location. This will give you room to work around ride and plan the layout for the rest of the roller coasters.

Managing Your Theme Park - Booking Tours

Roller Coaster Kingdom - Roller Coaster Tycoon

After the construction of your first roller coaster the tutorial will run through hiring employees. Players get to hire their facebook friends to work in the theme park. To get visitors in your park they must be booked. Clicking the tour catalog icon will bring up potential guests that you can book. Booking cost, party bonus, and travel time should all be considered before you add them. Make sure you’re able to play the game or log back in to let the party enter your theme park. The Hamburger Party has six guests and it takes 4 hours for them to arrive. The Clown Car and Super Bus both contain 20 guests but their payout and travel times vary. Book your guests according to your playing schedule so you don’t waste coins.

Like Other Facebook Games Customers Rule

Roller Coasters - Roller Coaster Kingdom Tips

Roller Coasters are essential in building up your theme park. When starting to design the layout of your Roller Coaster Kingdom decide whether or not to have sectioned themed areas or a free for all of rides. Once you have an idea of how you want your park set up start building. Always extend lines and build easy to follow pathways with each ride. Like other facebook games guests can be very hard to satisfy. Adding a drink and food stand in between every couple of rides will shorten walking distances and quench their thirst. Unhappy guests can quickly leave if there is no surrounding food or drink stands to their liking. Always keep the guests in mind when setting up your park. Food and drink stands generate extra money as well.

Not Your Average Roller Coaster Tycoon

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Although, imitated after the popular Roller Coaster Tycoon game Roller Coaster Kingdom is a facebook game. It’s designed to let players socialize with each other. During gameplay random sacks of money or animals are found wondering in your theme park. Players have an option to pass money or the animal to other players on Facebook. Visiting other players Roller Coaster Kingdom can help earn a large amount of coins and XP. Performing tasks like cleaning up or dropping visitors off at a friend’s park can help players earn a massive amount of coins and level up faster in the process.

Roller Coaster Kingdom Tips & Tricks

Roller Coaster Kingdom - Roller Coasters

There is also some Roller Coaster Kingdom tips that can help players earn more coins, level up quicker, and reign supreme in the land of roller coasters. Having lots of friends in facebook as your Roller Coaster Kingdom neighbor is key to earning more coins. The more neighbors a player has the more XP and money can be gained. Visiting all of your neighbors daily can quickly help a player level up. Upgrading and expanding the theme park is important as well. The lemonade, coffee shop, and hotdog stand are the most popular concession stands. Obtain them when available and keep upgrading. Take every opportunity to upgrade rides and concession stands. Upgraded roller coasters and stands will increase profits. Expanding your park and parking lot will aid in more guests that will spend even higher amounts of money. Players only earn XP when the game window is running. To get all of your XP stay logged in to Roller Coaster Kingdom as long as possible. The success of your roller coasters and theme park is up to you.