Facebook Game Nightclub City: New Players Guide

Facebook Game Nightclub City: New Players Guide
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Night Club City Basics

Nightclub City is a change of pace from the farming, rpgs, and other games you find on Facebook. This game puts you as the player in charge of your own nightclub as the disc jockey. As the owner you can also hire bouncers who will help keep the trouble makers out of your establishment so it runs smoother. You can hire bartenders to serve drinks and bring more money into your club. You an hire celebrities to visit your club for a short period of time which will provide a higher level of income for your club. Many decorative items are available such as better dance floors, speakers, bars, chairs, booths, even dancing club patrons. Your club expands automatically as you reach each new level in the game allowing you to add more items to the game and have a larger club. At higher levels you will need to pay for upgrades.

Nightclub City The Disc Jockey

Nightclub City

In the game your avatar plays the disc jockey. Your player can do several things such as change the music. In the game you have a club mix, hip hop, electronica, and pop music to choose from to blare out your speakers. Your avatar will only play for a certain amount of time but you can expand this time by purchasing a better DJ system in the game store. Your DJ can also “drop the bass” which wills end everyone to the bar to get a drink and expand your profits. You an also dedicate a song to a patron to make them happier in your club.


You can also have bartenders in the game who not only serve drinks but perform tricks. If you pick the trick option your bartender will do tricks and you will receive bigger tips from your guests at the bar. If you pick the bottoms up options your bartender will serve drinks at double speed. You should try and have at least tow bartenders so they can keep up with the demand in your club. You also need to replenish the drink supply periodically which will take game cash. You can also upgrade you bars to hold more drinks or buy extra drink tanks for added supply.


The bouncer performs only one task and that’s to remove trouble makers from the bar. You will periodically have guests come to your club labeled “jerks.” This patron may start fights so it’s a good idea to remove them. If you click your bouncer you will get a target icon and you can send your bouncer to the trouble maker and he or she will be removed from your establishment. You can also move your bouncer to another location by clicking the move icon.

Nightclub City Celebrity

Nightclub City

In Nightclub City you can also hire celebrities to your club. These are based upon real life celebrities but they have nonsense names such as “Celine Dijon,” “Puff Baddy,” and so on. The celebrities you pick will come to your club and inject a good amount of cash into your club they mingle around. Some celebrities are very expensive and you will need quite a bit of cash to hire them. You also have a celebrity wall where you can view the different celebrities that have visited your club. Choose your celebrities carefully because they can be quite expensive and you need the cash early on to upgrade your club.

Guest Happiness

Nightclub City

You can keep your guests happy in your club by expanding it so there’s more room and by adding luxury items such as chairs and booth for them to sit down. If you find a guest will low happiness your disc jockey can dedicate a song to them and raise their happiness levels. Happy guests will stay longer and purchase more drinks, making you more money.

Club Decorations

Night Club City also offers many different decorative items such as bars, stools, chairs, couches and different dance floors. Many items will add to your luxury statistic and help to keep your guests happy and more money flowing into your club. You should upgrade your basic items as soon as possible because they will help keep guests in your club for longer periods of time which is the whole goal. Get some comforatable high luxury chairs and booths fro your geusts to sit in so they don’t complain and leave your club. Many of the high end items can only be purchased with Facebook credits and not coins. The game also doesn’t give out any free credits when you level which is disappointing.

Nightclub City Tips

  • Watch your drink levels and be sure to top up to keep guests in your club. Buy extra starage tanks or upgrade your bars.
  • Make use of the special moves from the DJ and bartenders to increase your income.
  • Upgrade basic items soon to bring more people into your club and keep them there for longer perooids of time.
  • Use your bouncer to remove problem guests.
  • Use celebrities carefully in the beginning of the game when you need the cash more for club upgrades.


Grow your club slowly and watch your cash levels. Be sure to keep topping up your bar supplies so you don’t run out. Nightclub City is a great Facebook game and well worth spending the time to play. be sure to check it frequently as the developers are starting to add more new items into this new game.

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