FarmVille Crafting Cottages FAQ

FarmVille Crafting Cottages FAQ
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What is the FarmVille Farmer’s Market?

The Farmer’s Market in FarmVille (previously known as Crafting Cottages) was first introduced as a preview option for players who logged in after June 8, 2010. During the preview, players could choose which cottage they wanted to begin with. On July 20, 2010, FarmVille began introducing the Farmer’s Market as Crafting Buildings given out gradually to players as they logged in.

The premise of the Farmer’s Market can be summed up simply in a few steps:

  1. Players harvest bushels from their crops;
  2. Players use the bushels to craft finished goods;
  3. Players exchange finished goods for fuel, a component needed to use vehicles in farming.

The Farmer’s Market is also very social in nature, and encourages trading and selling among FarmVille neighbors.

Crafting Buildings Frequently Asked Questions

Crafting Buildings for Sale

What are the three crafting buildings?

Bakery, Winery, and Spa.

What do each of the buildings make?

The bakery makes baked goods, using primarily fruits, grains, and vegetables. Recipes include Pumpkin Bread, Triple Berry Pie, Baked Cucumber, and Carrot Cake.

The winery makes wines and juices, using primarily fruits. Recipes include Sweet Sake, Spicy Tomato Juice, Blackberry Wine, and Rose Petal Water.

The spa makes oils, lotions, and sachets, using primarily flowers and herbs. Recipes include Floral Perfume, Petal Sachet, Restoring Candle, and Iris Soap.

How do I get my first cra****fting building?

Once you are level 15, logging into FarmVille will prompt you to choose a crafting building and then place it on your farm. Doing so will complete the building and immediately let the player begin their Farmer’s Market. If for some reason the building can’t be placed immediately, it will go into the farmer’s inventory (gifts) to be placed later.

Can I have more than one crafting building?

Yes. Although you can only have one building of each type, you can purchase the other building types for 80 Farm Cash each.

Can I change crafting buildings?

No. In order to get a new crafting type, you must pay for the other crafting buildings in the Market.

What happens if I accidentally sell my building?

No progress will be lost, but any items for sale will be destroyed. The building can be repurchased for 100,000 coins.

How do I level up my building?

Bakery Ready for Upgrade

In order to level up your crafting building, you must pay a sum of coins or cash, plus level up recipes a set number of times. The level up requirements are:

  • From level 1 (start) to level 2: 50,000 coins, level up recipes 6 times / 15 Cash
  • From level 2 to level 3: 100,000 coins, level up recipes 18 times / 25 Cash
  • From level 3 to level 4: 400,000 coins, level up recipes 27 times / 40 Cash
  • From level 4 to level 5: 1,00,000 coins, level up recipes 36 times / 60 Cash

Each upgrade changes the appearance of the building and grants two more crafting tables.

Market Stalls: Sharing Bushels with Neighbors

FarmVille Market Stall

The “Stall” Menu on the left hand of the Farmer’s Market allows players to look at and manage any open stalls on their farm, including closing the stall early if they wish.

A Market Stall allows players to offer free bushels to their friends through “Get Bushels.” When friends pick up bushels, the player gains either coin, experience, or fuel.

When a player collects bushels from their farm, they will automatically open a market stall if one has already been purchased and is empty; if there are no free market stalls, the game will offer the player the chance to buy one for either 50,000 coins or 20 Cash. Stalls remain open 24 hours, plus additional time based on the farmer’s mastery.

Unlike a player’s bushel inventory, bushels offered in a Market Stall are of endless supply to friends, and are available as long as the stall is open; that is, a player may only find one bushel of crops when harvesting, but their market stall will allow friends to take a theoretically infinite number of bushels of that crop.

Making Goods

FarmVille Make Screen

On the “Make” Menu, players may craft new goods, check recipes, and see what goods they are currently selling to other players.

To make a good:

  1. Select “Make a Good” at an empty crafting table.
  2. Browse through the Recipe page to find a recipe for which you have all the ingredients. If you do not have all the ingredients, you can click on the “Get” button beneath the bushel icon to search the Market.
  3. Click “Make It.”
  4. Wait six hours.
  5. Return to the Make screen, and select “Finish It!”.

Each good may be leveled up after making it a certain number of times. Leveling up a good makes it provide more fuel upon trading, but also cost more in the Market. Goods may be leveled to a maximum of 55.

Using Goods and Bushels

Trading Goods for Fuel

The “Use” menu allows players to trade goods for fuel, and to use bushels for bonuses.

Goods may be found in the special Farmer’s Market inventory under “Trade Goods for Fuel.” Each completion of a recipe grants the player one of the items crafted. Items can also be purchased under “Get.” When used, the good disappears and grants the player an appropriate amount of fuel based on its level; for instance, a level 6 Pattypan Tart rewards 55 plots worth of fuel. Currently, this is the only benefit of having or using goods, although it is rumored that other rewards will be available at a later date.

Bushels may also be used from the “Use” menu. Using a bushel consumes it from the player’s inventory, and grants a two hour +1 bonus to mastery for any harvested crops during that time. Bushels should only be used when ready to harvest crops, and only when pursuing mastery in a crop.

Shopping for Goods

Friend’s Market

On the “Get” menu, players may shop for goods or bushels.

As mentioned above, players may find themselves in need of bushels to complete their recipes. Bushels are free to purchase, and a player has a maximum inventory of 100 bushels. Players may get three free bushels per neighbor every 24 hours, with a maximum of 300 bushels per 24 hour period.

Players may also use the “get” menu to purchase goods from their neighbors. Goods are at a set price based on their level, with higher level goods granting more fuel. Only one good may be purchased every 24 hours from a neighbor. Once purchased, goods go to the “Use” menu, where players can trade them for fuel.

Tips and Tricks

FarmVille Sales Report

Want to maximize your profits and success in crafting? Follow these tips!

Plant your crops and make goods so that they harvest at the same time. By paying attention to crop harvest times, you can easily cycle the items that you need to grow for bushels and combine it with the six hour cycle, reducing the time you need to check in on your farm.

Pay attention to your ingredients. Different recipes require different bushel amounts, and crops take different times to crow. Focus on growing and harvesting crops that either have shorter times to grow, or require more per recipe. Rely on neighbors to get bushels for crops that take longer to grow or require less per recipe. For more on this strategy, watch this video.

Pay attention to what your neighbors grow. All FarmVille players switch the crops they grow often, but most players follow a regular pattern of crops they grow based on their available gaming time. Many neighbors will choose to focus on growing “staple” crops like wheat, rice, and morning glories, as they are used in multiple recipes. By taking advantage of their growing habits, you can focus on growing crops that are harder to find in the Market.

Make use of the FarmVille Friend Feed. The Farmer’s Market gives players plenty of chance to share extra bushels and goods, as well as asking neighbors for things they need. By watching the feed and taking advantage of its free offerings, you can maximize your work efforts even further.

Be a good neighbor. Try to open as many market stalls as you can afford, and continue to sell your goods, as well as share any free goods or bushels through the friend feed. Your neighbors will take notice of your generosity and may make it a point to visit you more often. In addition, selling goods and giving away bushels benefits you directly - so it’s a win-win situation!