Passport to Perfume: Hints and Tips

Passport to Perfume: Hints and Tips
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The PC game Passport to Perfume allows players to lead the dream life of making and selling perfume in their own shop while getting to go on adventures every now and then.

This game takes place in the 1940’s which is when the player takes charge of the perfume store. While running the perfume shop to

the best of his or her abilities, the player takes it upon him or herself to discover the secrets left behind by the previous shop owner. For now, all the player has is a book that is used as a guide on the player’s many adventures.

Players start by learning how to fill out orders of the many customers that pass through the shop’s doors. If customers aren’t given what they want, they quickly get angry and leave. There are many types of perfumes requested, and players can even add accessories such as spritzers to add to the cost of the perfume for more profits.

At the end of each level, with the profits earned, players must purchase perfume, perfume bottles, and upgrades in order to more easily complete the next level. Some purchases are vital for the player’s advancement. For example, if no perfume is bought, players will have nothing to sell to their customers, which will result in less business for the store.

Hints and Tips

Passport to Perfume is very simple to get used to, especially for those who have previously played Cake Mania or Chocolatier.

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All you need to do is prepare perfume based on the customer’s requests, and hand it to them in exchange for money. At first, the amount of customers you receive are relatively small and are effortless to serve. Yet, as levels go by, customer volume increases and so do their demands.

Fortunately, there are methods of dealing with these increasingly picky customers while making an abundance of money in the process.

#1 Add Spritzers to Perfume

In Passport to Perfume, the objective of the game is to satisfy customers while making a pretty penny at the same time. If you happen to get an order for a customer done quickly, you should consider adding a spritzer to the perfume.

Adding a spritzer will increase the value of the perfume by $15. This means that if you receive $50 for perfume without a spritzer, the amount will increase to $65 for perfume with a spritzer.

While, this is a good way to increase profits, customers should be considered beforehand. If a customer is getting furious about his or her order that is taking too long, you’re better off without the spritzer.

#2 Make Sure You Have Enough Inventory


There is nothing worse than a customer taking one step inside a store, and immediately leaving due to a certain perfume they want not being in stock. This causes players to lose a great deal of money that they are much better off having.

Although you may think it is a waste of money to spend everything you earn on perfume, doing this will actually save you money by allowing you to fill out requests for more customers.The perfume you purchase will eventually be sold for a profit no matter what, so it isn’t like you’re wasting money by purchasing a lot.

#3 The “?” Customers

Customers that have a question mark as a request are willing to purchase anything the player gives them. These customers have the potential to make players of Passport to Perfume very rich and successful.

To make the most money off of these players, always sell them fine or rare perfumes, as they will take anything. If your customer hasn’t been waiting for too long, consider adding a spritzer and glitter to the perfume to increase profits. Basically, give these “?” customers anything that sells for the most.

If you accidentally make the wrong perfume for another customer, don’t throw it away if you currently have a “?” customer waiting for their order to be filled. You can give the mistake perfume to them and still make profits.


All pictures in this article are screenshots of the PC game Passport to Perfume. These screenshots were taken by me for the purpose of adding them to this article.