Little big planet DLC and you, Part II

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Before the DLC

This is a continuation of Little big planet Metal gear solid DLC and you, and this focuses on the online community.

Ever vast and ever growing since even before its release (the designers were surprised at what users created in the beta) Little big planets vault of community levels has awed me and many others endlessly it seems as there are new levels everyday. I would say its partly due to the motto of Media Molecule, or at least the motto they’ve infused into little big planet: Play, Create, and Share. The release of this DLC embodies that motto quite well. Even if you did not pay money for this new DLC you can still Play with the story levels online, people who do own the DLC can create levels to Share the paintinator and other parts of the DLC to play.

Before the DLC the only controls your sackboy had were grab and jump… and you could slap your friends silly. The paintinator is a power-up like the jetpack, and has to be dropped in order to grab anything, so no shooting and swinging sackboys and girls.

Heres the change coming to your little big planet.

Just after the DLC was released

So sackboy, you’ve got a new toy. Its all fun and games, and thats the problem… all the creators were too busy Playing, and not Creating that a lot of the LBP levels that included the paintgun were really primitive. There would be paintball maps popping up on the newest search list every few minutes! In all these levels, no one had created their own bad guys yet, so everyone was just importing the MGS story level bad guys, which was ok for the first few levels, but then it really started feeling less and less spectacular. The best LBP levels are themed well and are original.

At the time there were plenty of amazing levels, just no one was putting quite the same effort they were putting towards levels without the paintantor in them. It was too new and no one really knew what they were doing with the new paint switch. The stuff in the story levels was cool, but everyone just seemed to be copying them…. until!

Our World Today:

Thanks to the new online level searching methods any level i reference here you can search by title for and play for yourself! If you are looking to play a level with the paint-gun then search for newest created levels, usually things churning out now days have the paintgun in it. If that doesn’t work look through the busiest levels, and if that doesn’t work, look for a MGS looking level, or any level that may have a shoting premise. Even levels without shooting implied end up having the paint gun thrown in somewhere.

Anyways, here are some levels you should look up and play. They all demonstrate good themed levels that include the paintgun, and keep a balanced sort of gameplay that doesn’t just use MGS enemies as their bad guys.

The first one I stumbled upon was called The Human Body! Its a fantastic level where you start in a hospital and soon after a doctor shrinks you and injects you into the sick person. You are given a paint gun to kill the evil virus and germs! Its quite a laugh and theres also small puzzles where you have to put down the paint gun, and grab stuff, something that was missing from a lot of early MGS DLC levels.

Nightlife was another well rounded level that made me enjoy myself quite a bit. There are just so many levels out there now that are so good, its amazing that all this content came from other users. The littlebig matrix was even fun, obviously the title implies the paint-gun, which is just something you have to look out for if you want to play be playing around with the paintgun. Another good series to look for is the MGS missions by X-nobody-x. He has about 9 missions that are directly related to MGS, and they are all quite well done.

In the end though the gameplay has only changed slightly, but in that slight change many ideas have sprung from it, and created a broader experience inside the online community of little big planet, whether or not you purchased the DLC! There are still classic game levels being created without the DLC, for example the wizard of odd was very good.

So get out there and look for levels to share and play, and for god sakes people… keep creating! You are making this game worth playing!

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