Little Big Planet MGS DLC Guide (Part 1)

Little Big Planet MGS DLC Guide (Part 1)
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The Intro!

Ah. Little big planet, and…. metal gear solid. Media Molecule did another wonder, giving metal gear solid the sackboy touch. I myself bought the old snake costume and the levels, and money well spent. Here we go.. level by level, step by step, the metal gear solid little big planet downloadable content levels! Thats such a mouth full.

Little big planet success.

Sack boy disgused as old snake.

Level one!

This is more of an intro right now, so just sit back and relax… watch the credits roll. When you play this next time though, it’ll be a fun shooting range. As the Media Molecule logo blows up, after the Kojima fox appears, you’ll notice (if you played mgs4) you are in Drebins tank! So you are safe, just watch the pretty colors. The first thing you see is a target cut out of a person. When you complete the last level in this DLC pack you can come back and sticker bullet holes all over these sticker vulnerable suckers. But for now, just let their sticker switches taunt you.

Suddenly, Geckos everywhere..If you don’t know what that is, think mech with frog like legs for jumping. But no arms, just guns.Then, old snake will start yabbling at you. Go listen to his wise words, and enjoy the MGS4 references! If you don’t know any mgs references then plot your return journey when you will be armed with a trigger sticker.. of a bullet hole. And then, just like that… its over. Get out the van.. a big rubber thing pushes you into two bubbles! You’ll be #30,000 something on the rankings because you didn’t get much yet. But be patient! The fun begins in the next level!

VR missions

Level two: This is going to sound like a broken record, but the first thing you encounter is a sticker you don’t have. You’ll get it! I promise.

Now you’ll get a ‘call’ from octocan, listen to what hes got to say and get ready to paint stuff. So, in the next room you’ll find the paintinator. The color of paint you shoot is the same as the first color of your pockit. So press square and select customize your character and press R1 until you get to ‘Player Color’, then select what paint ammo you’d like.

Now shoot away! Take out those targets above your head by aiming with the right analog stick and shooting with grab(R1). After you take all those, the door opens and Otacon will tell you about the challenge in the next room, shooting at targets at an angle! Go ahead, get the feel of how to shoot little big planet paintballs. You’ll notice if you hit the trigger really fast you can continue to shoot no matter how fast you smash! Theres a trophy called Quickfire Artiste which is awarded when you shoot 40 paintballs in under 5 seconds, so give it a go!

Alright, in the next room there will be a gecko with 3 targets it on it. Take him out! Hes a moving target, plus the paint switches (his weak spots) take a little more paint to destroy. Get used to the sound of the switch going down. Twu-, twuu-, twuuu-, twuuu…. Ok I’ll stop.

Moving on to the next room! Layers, much like cake, are essential to your success in shooting things in little big planet. So use up and down to switch between Little big planets 2.5 dimensions and take out those targets! Then move and listen to Otacon explain about paintinator switches. Then shoot the super computer paintinator switch blocking your path, to get another call. Man my ear is hurting from so much cell phore radiation in this earpiece…

Otacon next tells you how to kill cute creatures, but that protected brains can’t be shot. Go put a painting on that werid robot thing in the next room! It has 4 brains you’ll need to shoot, and its head rotates, just spam some paint at its eye until its dead, but keep your distance because he rolls around and has an electric base.

Heres where things get tricky, when they can shoot back. These bad boys aren’t using paint, rather plasma, that kinda.. kills you in one shot. :) So take cover where the sackboy stickers are on the walls! The second cover is in the another layer, don’t die. But if you do, like I always do, then you’ll respawn a few feet back. Take out that blaster when its not shooting you, then take cover, rinse and repeat until hes gone!

Try to use quick trigger fingers cause rem

The Mission

So, I’m replaying the levels as I write, and… don’t do what I just did. Run past everything and jump into the first challenge. You get shot by plasma really fast. The first part of the mission is sneaking, so no paint-gun for you. Anyways, listen to what the lil robot has to say and then watch out for the search lights. Let them swing away from you, then go hide in the nearest place a different layer of depth opens up. If you get caught in the light, the alarm will go off and there will be red targeting lasers and plasma everywhere! You also will forfeit extra prize bubbles, so for the bubbles, be sneaky and get to the next cover, and then out of the room.

Next room, same idea, avoid the light and get the presents. The next search light is on the back layer, so jump up to the boxes and then flip the switch on the top left. Then get to the door and get outta there! If you didn’t get caught, collect the prizes, if you got caught.. maybe next time.

Now here is the end of the sneaking mission, because cmon… were all ps3 owners here right? How long could a ps3 exclusive not give you a gun. Anyways, go shoot some robot turrets!

This first turret can’t hurt you unless you charge it so get used to how the paintanator lobs its ammo, and shoot the crate with a paint switch just on the wall above the thing shooting green plasma at you. Collect the bubble behind the dead turret and watch out, the next turret can actually kill you! So use cover accordingly and lob paint at it like your little sack life depends on it!

Get the next container thats hung from the wall by shooting it, but becareful when jumping down to get the bubbly contents, the turret will kill you in that space, so time it right, then jump down and take cover behind the nearest wall. (one layer up). After defeating the first turrent thats on the ground, by going in and out of cover, run under the mounted gun on the ceiling for an easy kill.

You’ll soon run into a contraption, but don’t mount it yet.. go get the bubbles past it. Shoot anything that needs shooting, and then get onto the ‘seat’ part of the cannon type thing. It’ll launch you to the next area, much like it did for snake in MGS4. Go go go!

If you miss and hit spikes, you didn’t do it right. Try another angle on the cannon thing and aim for the top! Then start shooting these ceiling contraption turret things. Becareful of the plasma of course. Theres 2 brains to each turret, so time those shots! Theres two more bad guys in front of you, one shoots up and the other at you. Take them out and move on, only spikes await you at the bottom of that pit! One more ceiling bad guy and you are in the next area. Before you jump anywhere, shoot the green dissolve material to make the platform lower. Go one more platform down but before going any further, theres some concealed bubbles off to the left, shoot to the left until you can walk through. Then head back to rinse and repeat to get your way outta there.

Now try and shoot some turrents in the distance, listen for the sound of the paint switch dying, and then try and kill 1 turret before jumping down. Now its just a matter of collecting stickers and dodging plasma to kill those pesty robots.

Until… the boss of the mission! Well of this level anyways.. Its a tank with spikes in the front, electric body and plasma spouting cannons on the top. So… keep your distance and dodge the plasma, and lob paint at the top part until its dead! Use cover when the plasma gets too hectic. When the top dies, the armor opens up and its going to use bombs this time! Cover wont help too much, so keep moving around and get a feel for the pattern it throws at you. Try and lob your paintballs into the very middle and you can even prevent the bombs from getting out of the case! Kill the blasted thing and collect your bubbles! Lets move on.

The level factory

OK, first shoot the VR target that is a figment of your imagination. Next shoot the platform to make it come down, but becarefu it will slowly rise and squish you if you don’t jump to the bubbles on the left. Repeat to get to the right and continue. Next you’ll have to aim and shoot and jump all at the same time! Theres 3 of these paint switch elevator things in quick sucession, aim to the top right and jump, then repeat until you have safely landed on the other side.

Next will be tanks, these guys are push overs now that you’ve had experience with the paintgun. But remember they are using plasma, and all you have is paint so pick your battles. Cover is key! After the first 2 tanks there will be those nice ceiling turrets. As a ps3 owner do what you do best and dominate anythings tanding in your way. Then proceed to the next checkpoint.

Take cover and shoot the VR target above you. Take out the turret first, then the ceiling badguy, finishing it up with the second and third turrets. Both of which are pushovers if you run up close. After jumping up to the next area, you’ll get bubbles and a nice new puzzle. An electric ferris wheel thingy. Anyways, step into it and shoot in front of yourself until you can move with the cross and safely get to the other side! Then you’ll have another 3 set of paint switch elevators.

In the next room you’ll notice a fairly simple puzzle; go underneath it and shoot up! Then climb ontop of the hinge and to the first paint elevator that requires you to change the direction you are aiming! I have faith in you, make it up there. Take the cannon on the left up to the next level. When you replay this level with all the stickers, there will be more prizes to the right, but for now.. just go left.

This is the last stretch of the level: the elevator fight. There will be guys left and right of you, just be sure to stay in cover mash on the R1 button and you’ll be to the top in no time! At the top be sure to collect your prizes from the VR triangles that were shot during the course of play.

You should have unlocked the VR Survival challenge, which is a fun little shooter mini level. Give it a try and see how long you can last the plasma madness.

Sample contents.

The Boss

Sample contents. Ah.. the moment you’ve been waiting for. After you beat this you can go shoot those targets in the first level that were taunting you.

The boss has a few phases:

1: Rex will fire plasma at you, when he does this just focus on dodging because you can’t hurt him right now. Next he’ll unleash missles that will span across all of the playable field except for a little portion at the very back, so when he opens up, try and lob paintballs into the top of him, while running backwards for dear life.

2:After destroying the missle launcher, he will use an onslaught of proximity mines also known as a death ray to you, to avoid this, run really close to him, and his cannon can’t hurt you. But always be sure to be shooting at any red weak spots you see. The one for this phase is easy to see as it is under him when he stands.

3:Now he’ll start using his laser beams, pin pointed with red lasers. Don’t stand in those and you’ll be fine. The weakspot is red and is visiable whenever Rex opens his mouth, oh and remember to avoid plasma fire.

4:Now with most of the ground gone, there is a new platform that raises up. Jump on this as soon as you can because the rest of the ground is about to become inhospitable. There is little cover for you to attack the last weak spot, but whenever the plasma fire lessens, jump and take shots at the last remaining red part on Rex’s body. Once everything goes BOOM! you’ll be finished.

Now go destroy that darn level creator and defend the rules of Play Create Share!

Replay Value:

Now that you’ve gotten some more stickers, go back to the start and play through again! Remember to use the big bullet hole you just got to kill everything that moves in the first level! Then go through and put stickers on all the things you couldn’t before… and stay tuned for my article on how this DLC affects your gameplay online!

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