What is the Best Mafia Wars Energy Cheat?

What is the Best Mafia Wars Energy Cheat?
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Zynga Mafia Wars

In Zynga’s Mafia Wars players get to step into a dark world of crime and mayhem. Each player starts out as a petty criminal with hopes of one day becoming top Mob Boss. Players execute the tasks of common street thugs like roughing up dealers and robbing warehouses. The more jobs performed and respect earned the higher a player will move up in rank. As a mobster progresses the missions get harder involving smuggling rings, killing snitches, and running a biker gang out of town. Completing these challenging jobs require extra energy. Find out the best Mafia Wars energy cheat to use and other techniques that every mobster should know.

Best Mafia Wars Energy Cheat

Mafia Wars Energy Cheat

To really get an advantage in energy players should choose the Maniac class. This class by itself is like a never-ending Mafia Wars energy cheat. Compared to Mogul and Fearless it gives players a significant upper hand. Energy refreshes faster allowing mobsters to get more done while waiting the least amount of time to restore. Another trick is to manipulate reward points. When an entire job tier has been completed or upon leveling up reward points are given. Click on the Profile tab to see and distribute your reward points. Place most of them towards energy for an instant boost.

Energy Packs More Mafia Wars Tips

cheats for Mafia Wars godfather points

Since energy restoration is time consuming it’s wise to log in several times a day. Energy will refill whether online or off. When a player logs back in their status will be full making it easy to complete more missions per day with minimal effort. Always use energy packs as well. Packs usage are restricted to one every 24 hour period. Friends and fellow gangsters send them for free as gifts. Create a fake or alternative account and join the mob in your original mafia account. Send an energy pack to yourself for free when low. If you need one immediately and friends haven’t sent any using this Mafia Wars energy cheat will help.

Golden Throne Cheats for Mafia Wars

It’s important to increase your mafia size as you try different energy cheats. Focusing on energy usually weakens other attributes including defense. Continually add new members to your mafia in order to boost your chances of winning rumbles in the streets. A great Mafia Wars energy cheat to do is to earn the Golden Throne. It’s given as a reward when a player masters every job in the Boss tier three times. The Golden Throne doubles the amount of energy a player receives when it replenishes. Once this item is gained your character’s fuel will be plentiful. Players must be level 100 to reach the Boss tier. If you follow the cheats and strategy tips in this article you’ll be sitting pretty on that throne in seconds flat.