Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narhwal Walkthrough – The Beginnings

The Return of Guybrush Threepwood

Ahoy mateys! Having a bit of trouble with the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island? Are the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate™, proving to be too much to handle? Well you need not search the seven seas for ancient scrolls or maps to help you out, because this guide has it all for you! Guybrush Threepwood is back again, along with his signature witty remarks and his knack for piratey adventure. But he won’t be able to save the day without your help. So let’s get on with it, we’ve got some serious pirating, pillaging, and puzzle solving to do!

The Rock of Gelato


This is basically the tutorial part of the game where you’re taught about movement, inventory management and environment interaction. Now in order to whoop some undead pirate hiney, our hero first needs the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu. Grab the voodoo recipe for the cursed sword pinned on the mast. Looks like all you need now is some Root Beer. Go up near the wheel and grab the Monkey Coffin nearby. Creepy. Examine it in your inventory to receive Root Beer. But it’s flat! Add some fizz to it by combining the Root Beer with your Breath Mints. Now that you have Fizzy Root Beer, combine it with your Cutlass to create the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu! Too bad LeChuck rams Elaine’s ship into Guybrush’s, causing him to drop the bottle of impossible-to-find voodoo root beer. Oh, well. We have to improvise.

Talk to Elaine and say, "Throw me the rope." Once you’re on the other ship, you’ll see Chuck the Plant, with roots that could really use a trim. Use your cutlass on the plant to obtain the Chuck Root. There’s a Grog Barrel nearby. Use the Chuck Root on the Grog Barrel to make some improvised Root Grog. Of course, it still needs some fizz so add your Breath Mints to the Root Grog barrel. Use your Cutlass on the Fizzy Root Grog Barrel to make the Enchanted Cutlass. Now you’re ready to face LeChuck! Use the Enchanted Cutlass on the zombie pirate.

Guybrush stabs LeChuck with the Enchanted Cutlass, but the zombie pirate doesn’t die, instead, he turns human! What’s worse is that LeChuck’s Zombie Mojo is transferred onto Guybrush’s hand! Our hero’s voodoo hand (with a mind of its own) causes a major mishap on the ship, one involving the nearby barrels of gunpowder. The ship explodes, scattering our hero, his wife, and the former zombie pirate across the Caribbean.

Crashing Club 41

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Guybrush will find himself on Flotsam Island, where a newspaper reporter named Davey J. Nipperkin tells him that once you’re on Flotsam Island, you’re stuck because of the winds. He also says that his source for off-island news, Deep Gut, might know a way out. Of course he won’t tell you who or where Deep Gut is right away, you have to do some good old piratey deeds to provide the local reporter some stories. So you need to do three things: start a bar fight, seize a ship, and find some buried treasure. How piratey!

First let’s deal with the bar fight. From where you start, you’ll already see Club 41. Yes, it’s a pirate bar. But they won’t let you in without a membership card. Go to the Docks to find the only ship on the island, The Screaming Narwhal. You’ll also meet its current captain, Reginald Van Winslow. Apparently, he;s looking forward to Guybrush’s attempts to seize his ship. But we’ll deal with that later. Examine the socks on the clothesline to find Capt. Winslow’s membership card. Great, now you can enter Club 41! Proceed back there and enter the club. Guybrush will be blindfolded as he enters, and his voodoo hand will cause a whole mess of things, something that Nipperkin equates to a bar fight. Guybrush is kicked out of the club, and your first pirate-y deed is done! Once you’re out of the club, don’t forget to pick up the Grogatini Sword on the floor. You’ll need it for later.

Seizing the Ship

Now, to become the Captain of The Screaming Narwhal! Leave the Docks and you’ll go to the Flotsam Island Map Screen. Head to the Jungle Entrance. Keep going West until you find a Pile o’ Bombs. Take the bombs, Ignore the fat pirate playing with dolls for now, we’ll return to him later. Return to Screaming Narwhal. If you try to throw a bomb at Captain Van Winslow, you’ll find that Guybrush lacks some serious points in strength. There must be some other way to knock off that old Captain. Walk up the gangplank, and Guybrush will slip off some bacon grease. There will now be a grease puddle on the dock. Try to climb up the ship’s anchor and the crazy captain will pour hot burning coals on Guybrush. This will set the grease on fire. Use a Bomb on the Grease Fire to light it up. Now quickly put the Lit Bomb on the Frilly Underwear that’s hanging on the clothesline, then climb it. Van Winslow will use the clothesline to take Guybrush away from the ship, but the Lit Bomb on the underwear closer to him, which will then explode and knock him off. Congratulations, you are now the Captain of the Screaming Narwhal! Our reporter friend Nipperkin will want his story, then it’s on to the third and final piratey deed: find some buried treasure.

Dark Ninja Dave

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Go back to the Jungle Entrance. Head west until you see the fat pirate will dolls again. Talk to him, his name his Joaquin D’Oro. He’s an explorer. D’Oro the explorer, sounds awfully familiar. Anyway he’ll tell you that he seeks collects Poly-Articulated Porcelain Power Pirates, and that he’s come to Flotsam Island in search of the rarest of all the actions figures: Dark Ninja Dave with Killer Karate Katana. He’ll give you the map to the location of the "treasure", but he’ll claim that the map is a scam. Before leaving him, distract D’Oro by saying, "Look, it’s Dark Ninja Dave!" Then steal an Action Figure from the pink pile of dolls near him. These are the extra action figurines of Pink Pajama Pierre, D’Oro’s least favorite Porcelain Power Pirate.

Head back to the docks and go to the Keelhauler Gazette, a.k.a. Nipperkin’s office building. There are vats of black printer ink outside. Use the Action Figure on the Ink Vat. And just like that, Pink Pajama Pierre becomes dark, dashing, and ninja-like! But he still lacks the Killer Karate Katana. Combine the Ink-Stained Action Figure with the Grogatini Sword to form the Ninja Action Figure. D’Oro won’t be able to tell the difference! Now to bury this improvised treasure. Go back to the jungle.

Burying the Treasure

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Now time to use the map D’Oro gave you. It shows that you must start at the well, then the path is guided by pictures of either bees, boars, birds or monkeys. The treasure hunt starts by using the map at the well, then follow the correct animal sounds to ensure you’re on the right path. But to save you time and effort, the path starting from the well is East, East, North, South, South, North, West. You’ll find an "X Marks the Spot." Looks like someone already got here first. Good thing you made your own Dark Ninja Dave with Killer Karate Katana. Place the Ninja Acton Figure into the hole. Time to go back and tell D’Oro the good news!

Once you tell D’Oro that his map isn’t a fluke, you’ll both automatically go to the area with the "X Marks the Spot." D’Oro digs up Dark Ninja Dave and Nipperkin gets his story. Now it’s time for him to fulfill his end of the bargain by telling you how to reach Deep Gut.

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