Walkthrough for Tales Of Monkey Island Chapter 1 – Launch of the Screaming Narwhal: The Wind Gods

Accusing the Doctor

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By the courthouse there are some weird looking Jail Carvings. They look like pairs of eyes. Use the Cheese Wheel on them to receive the Imprinted Cheese Wheel, which you’ll need later. Now go back to the Marquis’ house. Talk to him, ask him if really knows nothing about the winds, and the doctor’s denial is strong as ever. Sacre bleu! Accuse him and he’ll demand for proof, which you have: the Ancient Door Face. This will automatically bring you back to the Ancient Portal, where Guybrush hides behind the bushes again. Marquis De Singe is tricked by the Pyrite Parrot into thinking that Guybrush is already inside the temple, so he opens it and goes inside. Score one for voodoo pyrite parrots everywhere. Guybrush follows the crazy doctor inside the ancient temple.

He stumbles upon the Ancient Wind Control Device, which looks like a big statue capable of sucking in a lot of wind. You’ll receive the Ancient Tool (the staff) and you’ll get back the Pyrite Parrot. De Singe claims that Guybrush is too stupid to figure out how to deactivate the Wind Control Device. Let’s prove him wrong, shall we?

The Wind Gods of Flotsam

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First, use the Ancient Tool on the clam shell next to the Wind Control Device itself. This opens all four switches and ancient idols across the island. The first one is right beside you. Use the Wind Wane on the idol to get the face you have to match. Line up the eyes, nose and mouth to match the face on the Wind Vane. When you’re done, use the Ancient Tool on the clam shell. To reach the second idol, from the Jungle entrance, head West then West again. This idol has a missing wheel, the one with the eyes. Way to go Imprinted Cheese! Use it to substitute as a wheel on the idol. Like before, place the Wind Wave, copy the face and use the Ancient Tool. Wind God number two, check. De Singe will pop-up and blast you with his wind gun. No matter, it’s just wind. To find the third idol, from the Jungle Entrance, go West four times. This idol has a missing nose. Use the Flower Scone to replace the missing nose. Same process, put Wind Vane, copy the face, activate the idol. Three down, one last to go. From the Jungle Entrance, go North then East. This should be the last idol you’ll try to activate, as you won’t be able to use it otherwise. De Singe will stand in your way, with his blasted wind rifle again. Distract him by saying, "Look it’s King Louis!" then while he’s distracted use the U-Tube on his rifle. When he fires, he’ll launch himself straight into the messed up idol, which needed an axle to work anyway. The Wind Vane can’t be used here, so there’s another method. When moving he face feature panels, if the Marquis lets out a cry of pain, then it’s wrong. But if it’s a sound of pleasure, it’s right! When all are correct, use the Ancient Tool.

Leaving Flotsam Island

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Congratulations, you just saved Flotsam’s wind problem! Good thing the ancient Vaycaylian mechanisms in the isle are still operational. Not only have you cleared the Pox of LeChuck, it’s also now possible to set sail! The Marquis De Singe will cry and moan about how you ruined his plans for the advancement of science. Big deal. But the crazy French doctor isn’t out of the picture yet. He’ll vow to get his revenge and to get ahold of Guybrush’s voodoo hand.Well, that’s something to look forward to in the following chapters.

Guybrush will head to the Screaming Narwhal automatically. The former captain Van Winslow, now that he’s done taking care of his internal hemorrhaging, is there to be Threepwood’s first mate. What a nice chap. And here, finally, is the launch of the Screaming Narwhal. Time to set sail and to head out to find Elaine and that villain LeChuck! Not to mention all those kidnapped monkeys. No time to waste, the seas of the Gulf of Melange await!

Return to the Rock of Gelato

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Van Winslow’s the man on the wheel, but he doesn’t know where to head out to. Guybrush’s voodoo hand is at it again (the grog finally wore off), preventing the Mighty Pirate™ to say, point, or hint where the intended destination is. We have to stop this hand somehow! Without any unnecessary amputation, of course. First, use the ship wheel. The sudden turn will move the tar barrels. Next, use the cannon to leave tar all over the deck. Ooh, sticky. Then try to use the map, and the voodoo hand will punch Guybrush and knock him down.The crazy diseased voodoo hand will get stuck in the tar! Nice one! Click on Van Winslow to order him to head to the Rock of Gelato.

When the Screaming Narwhal arrives there, Guybrush sees through his spyglass something that he might have wished he never saw: LeChuck (a human LeChuck, for that matter) handing Elaine a flower! What manner of treachery is this? Before Guybrush can react, a woman’s voice from the background is heard, while a sword is pointed at our hero’s throat.

What’s going to happen next? Well, we have to find out in Episode 2 of Tales of Monkey Island,The Siege of Spinner Cay!

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