Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narhwal Walkthrough – Meeting Deep Gut

Meeting an Old Friend

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Nipperkin hands you a map, showing directions to a creepy-looking shack and the word "Deadline" written on it. Head to the jungle. From the Jungle Entrance, head West, North, North, North to find the Creepy Shack. Knock on the door and give the password, "Deadline."

Once inside, you’ll find that Deep Gut is none other than The Voodoo Lady! She’s back, and she’s still crazy! Voodoo Lazy will give you more details about Guybrush’s voodoo hand, saying that it’s the Pox of LeChuck. Furthermore, she will say that to cure the hand, Guybrush must seek La Esponja Grande (Yeah, The Big Sponge). But La Esponja Grande is not on Flotsam Island, and that the only person who knows its location is Voodoo Lady’s former lover Coronado De Cava. She’ll then say that they last parted at Jerkbait Island, then she’ll give you a Locket. Voodoo Lady will also say that the wind problem in Flotsam Island is beyond her powers, and that someone in town can help.

Once you’ve regained control of Guybrush, explore around the shack a bit. Talk to the Skeleton Parrot, and Voodoo Lady will complain about how you just wasted months of her work on the thing. She’ll discard the parrot, which you can now have for yourself. Take the Pyrite Parrot from the floor. Next, grab the Indestructible Bottle on one of the shelves. Voodoo Lazy will say that the scroll inside the bottle supposedly tells how the wind problem in Flotsam can be solved, but the bottle is indestructible! Yikes. We’ll worry about that later. Lastly, she’ll mention that she got the scroll from a bitter old pirate named McGee. Time to leave the shack. Outside, you’ll find a broken weather vane. Pick it up and acquire Ancient Weather Vane, you’ll need it later.

A Crusty Old Pirate

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Head back to the town. You’ll see Nipperkin, and he’ll ask Guybrush about his opinion on "The Death Cloud." What death cloud? Blistering barnacles, the Pox of LeChuck has formed a scary giant green cloud above Flotsam Island! It’s up to the Mighty Pirate™ to save the day!

Go near the Court House (the area with Club 41 and the Keelhauler Gazette) and you’ll find a Crusty Pirate. Talk to him, and you’ll find out it’s McGee! You know, the guy Voodoo Lady said she bought the scroll in the bottle from. McGee will rant to Guybrush about how he lost both his legs. Apparently the local doctor, Marquis De Singe, is a tad bit too keen on amputation. But still, he’s a doctor, and maybe he can help with Guybrush’s hand. After talking with McGee, he’ll give you the Eye of the Manatee. This game just loves manatees, huh? Anyway, hold onto it, you’ll need it later.

Pirates and Glass Unicorns

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Before heading out to see the doctor, talk to Crimpdigit, the pirate turned glass blower. Apparently, he has an "Alphabet Sale", and he’s giving out free vowels. Ask for a free vowel, and he’ll give you a "U" shaped glass tube. Also called a U Tube. Nice. Next, ask him about breaking bottles. He’ll take out his Unbreakable Bottle Breaker, but he won’t give it to you unless you hand over some pieces of eight. Of course, Guybrush is broke (all his pirate booty went down with his ship). There has to be some piratey way to grab that nifty Unbreakable Bottle Breaker. Head over to the Screaming Narwhal, climb it via the anchor chain. Approach the cannon and use it. Boom! The cannonball makes a curve due to Flotsam’s weird winds, straight into Crimpdigit’s glass unicorn display. Ouch, poor guy. Before leaving the ship, take the Cheese Wheel. You’ll need it later. Go back to Crimpdigit, he’ll be gone, but he left the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker! Grab it and try to break the Indestructible Bottle, but Guybrush’s hand stops him from breaking it! Now it’s time to go pay the doctor a visit, he might have something for the crazy voodoo hand.

Crazy French Doctor

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Go to the Doctor’s House. Before knocking on the door click on the Flower Pot. Grab it after it falls off. Click the door and the Doctor, Marquis de Singe, will meet you. He’ll be fascinated with Guybrush’s voodoo hand, so he straps Guybrush down an a surgery chair and injects the hand with a grog based serum, which calms it down. But the Doctor wants to do some unwanted amputation! Yikes! Good thing he leaves the surgery room, giving our hero a chance to escape.

You’ll be strapped down the surgery chair. Use the WASD keys to rotate it. First, rotate the chair to left and and bring Guybrush’s feet up. Get the key. Rotate to face the monkey’s cage. Click the key on the lock to release this strange simian. Rotate to the left, and use the bell. The monkey will change the picture shown by the projector into the one with the machine. Lower your feet to use the pedals. The lower (left) pedal shocks the monkey, while the upper (right) pedal drops a banana. First use the upper pedal. The monkey will go to what the screen is showing, and he’ll head to the machine. Use the lower pedal to shock him, and his tail will hit the X-Ray of your hand. Rotate to face the player, lower your feet and grab the X-Ray. Rotate to the left, raise your feet and use the box of Projector Slides. The X-Ray picture will be added there. Use the bell to make the monkey change the picture on the screen to your X-Ray. Drop a banana and the monkey will go to the skeleton hand with the key. Shock him and he’ll grab it. Use the bell to show the Pirate picture. Drop a banana for the monkey to go to Guybrush.

Finding the Ancient Portal

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Great, now you’ve escaped the crazy doctor’s clinic! Time to go find out what’s causing the crazy winds! Combine the Unbreakable Bottle and the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker. You’ll get an Ancient Scroll. try reading it, and you’ll see that it’s blank. Combine it with Eye of the Manatee and there you have it, Hemlock’s Map. Just like the previous map, this one is also based on following the sounds. Head to the Jungle, to the altar and use the map on it. Guybrush will dance (weirdly) and the screen will shake, confirming that the hunt is on. From here, go South, West, then North. you’ll be at the well. Use the flower on the well and the screen will shake again. Head East, West, South. You’ll be at the calendar, walk around it counter-clockwise until it blinks green and the screen shakes. Go north.

Guybrush stumbles upon an Ancient Portal. He hides behind a bush and sees the crazy Marquis exiting the old doorway, babbling about how he’s behind the wind problems in Flotsam so he can have an ample supply of patients. What a freak! After the cutscene, use the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker on the Crystal Nose on the Ancient Portal. Use the Pyrite Parrot on the hole you just made. Grab the Ancient Door Face on the floor, then head back to the docks.

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