Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Seven Ships Waltkrhough — Part Two of Four — Solving the Cryptogram

Solving the Cryptogram in El Toro’s Journal

sea urchin

All of the standard rules for solving cryptograms apply. Start the cryptogram by looking for three letter words that occur frequently. The most frequently used three letter word will be “the.” Filling in these letters provides a good guide as to what the next letters will be. Solving the cryptogram allows you to read most of the journal which provides clues you need to help solve some of the puzzles you will encounter on the island.

Pay attention to the description of how the rope challenge at the Blue Hole and the journals' description of the bat caves, as both items will prove to be useful later on. After reading the book, return to Sangre Beach and talk to Johnny Rolle again. Ask Johnny Rolle you learn what you need to do to earn the right to use his metal detector. He tells you that the monkeys stole his compass and he needs you to retrieve the compass from them. Travel to the northeastern edge of the island until you find the primate research center.

Nancy Drew Finds Out if the MOnkeys Can Play Games

You can play three games with the monkeys. The monkey on the far right plays a game of skill. The monkey in the middle plays a game of chance, and the monkey on the right plays a strategy game. You can play all these games and earn some fruit to feed the parrot back at the Shark Diving Ecotourism resort. The monkey that stole Rolle’s compass is on the left.

The field research notes tell you the basic rules of each game. To win at the coconut throwing contest you must score more points than your opponent. The pamphlet you took from the Shark Diving Ecotourism resort explains the scoring and the rules of each game. Take the compass when from the monkey when you win the coconut game.

You can also earn fruit by playing games with the monkeys. You can eat the fruit or you can save it to give to the Coucou. (You can earn a star if you eat enough guava pieces.) Get the compass and return to Rolle. You have now earned the right to use the metal detector. If you have not already done so, ask him if he knows where you might find a 9-volt battery

Return to the Shark Diving Ecotourism Resort


Talk to the parrot and feed her some fruit. If you are playing in junior detective mode, you can strike a deal with her . Coucou agrees to give you hints in exchange for foodstuffs. Speak to George at the inn and tell her what you have found up to this point.Take the sails, scuba gear and the shovel and take the sail boat off the island.

Walk out of the resort until you come to the sailboat. Select the sails from your inventory. Place them on the boat and sail around the island. Sail to the sharp rocks Johnny Rolle mentioned. You will find them at the northwestern corner of the map. Pick up the beacon. Return to the beacon when you get back to shore. For now, find the reef to the southeast of the main island.

Sailing Away to Find Messages in a Bottle

hree islands surround the island where you solve this mystery. One is a half-moon shaped, one is a shark shaped and the third island is dove shaped. These islands come into play later. For now, sail to the southeast of the island to find the area described in the journal you decoded. If you need to know how to use the sailboat, read the manual found on its deck. Head southeast of the island until you find a broken coral reef. The coordinates for Dread Island are printed on the last page of the journal.

  • 1 W
  • 1 SW
  • 1 S
  • 1 extreme SE,
  • 1 inside Shark's Cove
  • 2 E
  • 1 NW

Finding the messages does not help you solve the mystery. Each bottle contains a scrap of paper that contains a line from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. The red letters in the message give you a clue about the location of an Easter Egg on the beach.

Go Diving with Nancy Drew


Save your game. Make sure the air tank is full when you reach the coral reef. Equip the scuba gear and head underneath the water. You can gain clues in El Toro’s journal about the spot where his treasure was hid. Dive to the bottom of the reef until you come to the pirates’ chest. The Spaniards, who were apparently well traveled, have chosen to require a person to solve a sudoku puzzle to open the remaining chest.

Each number can appear in one box only once and only once. Because you have a limited time to reveal this puzzle, the solution appears in picture form below. Take the bee and the astrolabe from the chest when you open it. When you solve it, return to the surface for air and save the game.

You can return to the Caridad to retrieve an Easter egg if you heave enough air left in the scuba tanks. Otherwise, click on the rope ladder. Sail back to the resort and refill the scuba tanks. Return to Sangre Beach and hand the beacon to Rolle. Place the 9-volt battery in the bat seeker. El Toro’s journal references a friendly insect devouring family of bats.

Sudoku Solutions:

The Junior and Senior Detective Solutions for the chest on the El Cordiad are shown below.



Find a Threatening Letter

Return to the shark diving Ecotourism resort. Look at the note pinned to the steps on the resort. Walk inside and talk to George. This brings her up to date and it gives you a good place to save your game. If you have any guava, you can feed it to the parrot for additional hints.

Decode the Rest of the Journal

The astrolabe enables you to solve the remaining bits of encoded information found in El Toro’s journal. The astrolabe contains scripts and letters. Click on the book and click on the coded portions. Use the letters revealed on the astrolabe to reveal the remaining codes. These symbols allow you decode the rest of El Toro's journal.

When you finish decoding the journal, return to the closet you got the scuba gear from and fill the air tank. Talk to Coucou again and find out that she wants a driftwood perch. You can find the pieces of Driftwood at Sangre Beach, Shark Cove and the Blue Hole. You can pick up the pieces of driftwood and bring them back to the parrot for examination. Collect enough driftwood and the parrot will get a new perch.

Nancy Drew Finds the Location of the Bat Cave


A bat cave exists near the Blue Hole. You can view the information on the bat and bird species on the island. Writing the frequency down will help you locate the correct species of bat. El Toro also included a picture of the correct bat in the journal which will help you find the frequency you need to select on the bat locator.


You must solve a light puzzle in the cave. You must use mirrors to direct a beam of light until you reach the other side. The newer Spyro games have included many similar puzzles. The solution for the Junior and Senior Detective games are included below. To finish the puzzle in the cave, take the camel dial and the tablet with new symbols. The walkie-talkie crackles and you should talk to George.

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