Helping Nancy Drew Out at the Library: A Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough

Helping Nancy Drew Out at the Library: A Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough
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The Library

The first thing you’ll see here is the Information Desk of course. Check it out and go through the stack of blue forms that you see. Highlighted words reveal: Sabotage should cause concern, but with the gloves you will not burn. Hmm, sounds like foreshadowing to me. So be sure to grab gloves when you see them. Now back up and head to the card catalog section and a map case. You should check out each drawer, as well as of course, the stack of green encyclopedias right in front of you.


Card Catalog Section

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Let’s check out the Map Case first. The first drawer you open will reveal a Word Search puzzle. You know, a grid with a bunch of seemingly unintelligible words but upon a closer look reveals words in between. If you’re interested then look for the words: Diner, Murder, Hulk, Crane, Bad, Danger, Harm, May, Poem, Mitch, Name, Judo, Connie, Maxines, Task, Boiler, Videotap, Jake, Daryl and Hal

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The second drawer is another puzzle map with a message saying: The bolt cutter you must take, or you could be the next Jake. If you’re curious as to how you can read this message, then start with the blue letter and move on to the green. See it now?

Good ol Dewey!

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Next up, its time to rely on good old Dewey for some clues. Note: The card catalog system used universally is called the Dewey Decimal System. When you open it up, you’ll see someone is looking for a book on English Essays. Once you’re done there, go and check out the row of books in front of you. Most of them are pretty useless so just skip ahead and check out the upper middle row where you can read up on a book on Fingerprints. The stack of red books by the lower center has a book on Braille (for when you need to decode the Boiler Room code) . Aside from the Braille guide, this book will also contain another helpful hint wherein the colored letters will reveal this interesting sentence: Mitch drops a gun.

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Next the upper left bookshelf (aptly colored red and white for the colors of Japan) has the book on Kanji that you’re looking for. Once you read this, Nancy will pop an interesting thought about Connie and the symbol of the necklace that she’s wearing. Next, check out the row of green books. One of those books will discuss Morse code. More colored letters and a jumble of letters that will eventually say: Find VCR Tape

The Second Floor

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Now it’s time to go up and check out the second floor. Before you get to the second floor though, you’ll see a plaque for the Principal Robile Moor Rodo. Obviously a name as ugly as that only means one thing: hidden clue. So unscramble the letters and check out the words, boiler room door appear. If that’s the case then the number 6-6-83 will be of definite significance to you. Then, use those numbers to check it with your phone. The word NOTE will appaer.

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For now, let’s not think about the Boiler Room and get to the second floor. TO your left are shelves and shelves of books. Be a good librarian and look for the following books: The Judo Handbook (that talks about the Crane Judo fighting style), Boiler Room Operations (that discusses how someone should operate a boiler safely), A Sign of the Times is about the American Sign Language . More color coded letters means more clues. This time, picked out AEJK and the number 235. So does this have anything to do with Jake and the ocombination to his locker? Hopefully so.

Ciphers and Keys

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To the other side of the floor, there are quaint tables and chairs. Go the one table with a yellow pad on top of it. There’s a cryptic jumble of letters there (see image included) that seems to be a cipher of some sort. Check out the clue to solving this cipher from the words scribbled at the top of the pad saying, the first shall be the last. What does that mean? Simply that you should substitute letters of the alphaphet starting from Z to A and so forth. Deciphering this code will reveal this message: Theone with the temper and the Iron Fist is more than a prime suspect on Jake’s blackmail list. Iron Fist? Blackmail? We really need to open Jake’s locker. Now check out the other things on this notepad. Namely, the phone number 555-5836 (apparently the same number as the one of the Judo club). The Iron Fist could mean a gun of some sort and the initial CW and DG could mean Daryl Gray and Connie Watson.

Other books on this floor will talk about Palmistry, Optical Illusions, Violence, Protecting the Manates, The Zodiac and Dream Symbols. Not really of importance so you can skip them if you want. Color coded letters here will say, Don’t Run Nancy. As if!

Gathering Clues and Interrogating Suspects

Now once you leave the library, you should go talk to the students again. Hulk Sanchez will spill about Jake and Hal sharing a locker together and having something going one. Hal will talk to you about Hulk’s injury from the big game, Daryl’s father being a former senator and well if you haven’t yet, Connie will talk about Daryl’s Porsche. When you use the phone to try to call the Drug Company’s number, their answering machine will tell you that they’ve lost their shipment. Tony’s Pizza is also another number you can call, aside from Aunt Eloise and of course your friends. Finally calling the Police Station will have Yablonski scold you for playing the phone.


Unlocking Jake’s Locker

Anyway, head on off to Jake’s locker and open it. But how do you do that? Consider the clues given to you about Jake’s name being a part of his combination and the phone having another thing to do with it. So let’s see… if you substitute Jake’s name with the numbers in the phone, then you’ll get the numbers 5253. Why don’t you try that and see?

Success! The numbers are the combination and opening Jake’s locker reveals a simulcra of evidence and some weird things too. There’s a Judo magazine that talks about a masked contestant winning the Men’s division, a book of English Essays and a newspaper article about a Pharmacy Break in where Dianabol (painkillers or muscle relaxtant probably) was taken. There’s a box knife too and an empty tape case. Methinks you need to look for that VCR.

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