Unmasking the Murderer: Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough

The Faculty Lounge

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Now, leave the school and go the side (you know where the Teacher’s lounge is supposed to be located) and enter through that side. You should get to a part of the school where you’re looking into the Teacher’s Lounge. Using the box knife you should be able to cut a hole in one of the windows and getting into the Teacher’s Lounge.

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There’s a book there that has an incomplete sentence saying "__o was innocent." Huh? Who’s innocent? Why don’t you try putting the colored circles on that page to their appropriate section. Once you do, the name Connie Watson will appear. Well that strikes out one potential suspect now does it? Another memo in the file cabinet talks about a trophy and a masked winner saying: A trophy was not the only prize – but also money of a greater size. Remember the Judo article we read in Jake’s locker about the masked winner? Who is it among the students that has a background in Judo? wasn’t it Connie? Nah! Couldn’t be! She’s a girl. Or.. could it?

Hal’s Secret

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Now, open the file cabinets and pull out the student record for Hal. Check out his senior essay. Seems that Hal plagiarized outright and copied his essay out of the book. (Remember, this game was created in the 90’s where essay checkers still aren’t popular then and students could still easily plagiarize essays).

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This means you should be confronting Hal sometime soon. Now then, time to examine other parts of the room. One of them is the memo by the phone with the letters: B4UCDNMEXMNDLF8R, translated into: Before you see the enemy, examine the elevator. Turn the computer on and use the password that Nancy’s aunt supplied. U/N Eloise Drew and P/W O Wise Elder. The file cabinet will reveal that Aunt Eloise was aware of the missing book after all. The maintenance log will talk about the need to fix the video lab and changing the password to the boiler room. The password to the boiler room is note (remember that’s what we deciphered from the Library too?) The printer icon will print a document that you can read up on once you log out. It logs the event of an exchange student and a two individuals in the Video Lab. There’s a form number BR19LL5.K5YP14 that changes to Braille Keypad if you substitute the numbers with letters. Above the printer, you’ll see a giant Periodic Table of Elements. Check out the highlighted ones because it will say: Search behind Boiler. Don’t forget that now.

The Boiler Room

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Leave the Faculty Lounge the way you came in and ge

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t to the Boiler Room. Head on out to the Boiler room and using the information you got from the Braille book, you’ll know how to make out the word "Note". If not, allow me to enlighten you with this image.

Oh and of course, you can’t get to the Boiler Room without changing disks. Yup, its a hassle but well you gotta deal. Once inside, why don’t you go look around and pick up a pair of metal gloves from the tool box? Look around the Boiler Room and check out the plaque on the wall with the nubmers 1967 on it. Remember that.

Also, check out Emergency Instructions on how to configure the boiler’s Power Pressure and Temperature. Make sure you take a note of it.

Pressuring the Students

So it’s time to confront Hal, Hulk and Connie. Let’s start with Hal first because I like to pick on the ones that aren’t likely to kick my butt. Hal will confess to copying the essay and how Jake somehow found out and confronted him about it. Jake blackmailed him into doing his homework in exchange for keeping his secret. If you haven’t yet, make sure you also ask Hal about Hulk’s injury before confronting Hulk Sanchez.

OK Hulk’s next because well since he’s injured he won’t mess with us so much. Confront him about the Drug Depot break-in and he’ll be so agitated and won’t speak to you anymore. Next up, it’s Connie. Connect her with the Judo team, the contest and the masked winner. Same answer, go away.


Afterwards get to Daryl and talk to him about all three. Ask Daryl about the Pharmacy Break In and get him to tell you about pressuring the suspects. Afterwards, you’ll get a note that says something about meeting in the Boiler Room.

Looks like the case is about to come to a head.

Untitled 115

Once there, you’ll find that someone has sabotaged the Boiler and has locked you in. That screams trouble now does it? On top of that, they’ve chained the levers so you can’t adjust the levers to manage the boiler pressure. Remember the emergency instructions I’ve asked you to take a note of? You’re going to need that. But don’t worry, we’ve provided an image of it here in case.

Boiler Room Fiasco

There are two ways you can disengage the locks on the levers. One way is to use the bolt cutters to remove the chain. Another way is to put on the globes and open the lock with the combination 1967 to open the lock. Either way, you still need to fix the pressure of the boiler. Move the levers to the correct values on the Emergency Instructions. If you want a quick fix however, follow this sequence: two notches on the left lever, two more on the right and a final one on the left. Hopefully that fixes your boiler problem (and it does).

A matchbook in the room has the phone number of the Pharmacy in it. I guess that links whoever stole the stuff from the Pharmacy to the sabotage in the boiler room too. You need to leave the boiler room now and the usual way isn’t viable so you have to crawl your way out via the grate to the right of the boiler.

You’ll find the missing video cassette on your way out. Make sure to watch to finally understand what’s going on. Use Eloise’s TV set at home to watch this.


The Secrets of A Voyuer

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Apparently, Jake has been gathering dirt from everyone in Paseo del Mar. Starting from Hal’s cheating, Connie’s Judo win and Hulk’s drug problem. Well, we knew that. Oooh, there’s more! Looks like Daryl’s doing some part time job. No doubt Jake blackmailed him too. Anyway, after watching the video, you need to finally confront Connie and Hulk about Jake’s blackmailing them. They’ll talk about their respective issues: Hulk needing painkillers and Connie wanting the bigger prize money. Confront Daryl too. He’ll sing like a canary and confess to dealing for a guy named Mitch. He has no doubt it was Mitch who dealt with Jake because Jake wanted to blackmail him too. Convince Daryl to help you catch the bad guy and he’ll agree to it in the evening.

Laying down the Trap

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Now before you bust Mitch you need to gather some help. Hulk will say no to you of course as he won’t do anything to endanger himself again and definitely Hal is of no use. So that leaves Connie. Make sure you impose on her the danger that Daryl is in. Unfortunately she’ll still say no.

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It seems that you’re alone this time so head back to the diner to get Daryl. There will be a sign posted on the door so I’m guessing Daryl’s already at the pharmacy. Leave the diner and go check out the map. The Pharmacy will be available and once you get there you’ll find Daryl and Mitch arguing. Mitch will pull out a gun and thankfully Connie will come to Daryl’s rescue, knocking Mitch’s gun off of his hands. GRAB THE GUN!

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Once you do, aim and click it at Mitch. Don’t worry, you won’t be shooting anyone but clicking the gun means that you’re making Mitch aware of the fact that you have the gun. Foiling Mitch means catching Jake’s killer and solving the mystery. Hurray hurray! It’s time for the next mystery. Oh, but if you want a little more info as to what happens to your friends next then here’s a the deal. Daryl and Connie have started going out and Connie is even teaching Daryl some judo. Awww, cute!

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